Once you download this Treasure, you'll be on your way to experiencing an awesome Single-Player adventure! This level comes complete...


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Once you download this Treasure, you'll be on your way to experiencing an awesome Single-Player adventure! This level comes complete with six (yup, you read that right - six!) objectives; This map comes complete with everything except bla-ness. There is a story to follow, which makes traveling and completing the objectives a whole lot easier...The story consists of different mission objectives; Your wife has been kidnapped and you have to find her, sounds simple and straight forward enough, eh? Well, first you start without your Nanosuit, but you'll get it later. The ending will be an unexpected one.

Some of the features of this map include:

  • Story with 6 different Mission objectives
  • Between 1 and 1 1/2 hours playtime
  • Sequences and music to tell the story
  • Dense and very detailed vegetation
  • Surface of 1-2km²
  • 14 full arranged houses (2 villages)
  • Two rivers and many waterfalls
  • Various sceneries, like rivers, a beach, cliffs, rocks, a forest, villages, mountains,...
  • Free accessible island
  • Lots of places to fight and to explore
  • Over 130 enemies and tactical fights

skm has done a fine job bringing you an awesome level! This is a must play if you are looking for a quality mission and some dense and very detailed vegetation, and lots of places to fight as well as explore...but with the baddie count at over 130 enemies, you might be a little busy...

  • Some of the changes from earlier versions include:[/b]
    • Improved performance
    • Better ToDs
    • Fixed problem with Nanosuit (Cloak and Armor Mode)
    • Day/Nightcircle with 2 sunrises: fights at day - and nighttime
    • Fixed other little problems
    • Better Objective oversights in the HUD

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'treasure.rar' (43.88MB)


Copy the complete Treasure Folder into the Levelfolder of Crysis:
Default: X:ProgramsElectronic ArtsCrytekCrysisGameLevels
X is the Number of your harddrive.
Then start Cryis as always and open the console in the main menu with ^ (with American tastatur layout, the key over the Tab-Button).
Insert con_restricted 0 and map Treasure (confirm both with Enter)
You can close the console with ^.

Questions, Suggestions or Problems please call in the Thread of the Map
or at [email protected]

-improved performance
-better ToDs
-fixed problem with Nanosuit (Cloak and Armor Mode)
-Day/Nightcircle with 2 sunrises: fights at day - and nighttime
-fixed other little problems
-better Objective oversights in the HUD 
-you´ll need patch 1.2 of cryis to play all features of the map

Violet Subtitles: the Player is speaking
White Subtitles: a Person is speaking
Blue Subtitles: an other Person is speaking

Use grenades (Smoke, whatever), the easiest difficult and Quicksave,
the enemies are very strength.
I think the map is much more difficult with Patch 1.2.

Map, Design and Animations by skm
Story and Dialogues by AndreasVanHoez
Translations: B to the ertel
Map tested by AndreasVanHoez

Thx for playing. Hope you liked it.

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