Tropical Paradise



This is a fairly small map that was developed to show off the capabilities of the CryEngine2...and from the looks of Tropical Paradise, I would say mission accomplished. This is a great download if you want to see how well the level of realism is with the forest, etc., definitely worth checking out.

Although Serio (Lord_Reno) made this map for fun, it comes with some nice views...such as the pond, be sure to check it out! This map shows the great potential of the engine, and is a sweet place to spend a bit of time and take in the scenery...all thats needed is for you to start the download!




Filename: paradise.cry
Name: Tropical Paradise

Installation: Put the paradise folder into your Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game/Levels folder.
Start up your Crysis, press ~(Shift + ½ on some keyboards), write /map paradise and take a walk in a nice forest area.

Description: I made this map for fun really. Just to test out the wonderful capabilities of the CryEngine2.
Theres a weapon crate i made to experiment if you could fit items inside it, and the pond is a nice relaxation to watch.
Really just a "Walk in the Moonlight" map, but i hope you'll enjoy the view ;)

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