Urban Havok - Freeform Playground



We have, for your gaming enjoyment, a demo type map from HavokSage; This map is not a finished product, rather, it is a preview of what will come, the developer is releasing this so that players can get an idea of what the full map will be like. Urban Havok - Freeform Playground features close quarters urban combat, this level has more alike with a Call of duty 4 level than Crysis. Gone are the lushes jungles to be replaced by concrete and rubble. You must fight your way through the city to the US Headquarters. You and twenty or so other US Marines must accomplish this. On your way you will encounter tanks and air support.

Some features of this map include:

  • Freeform urban map
  • COD4 Style graphics
  • Friendly AI's
  • Spawning Enemy AI's that stop spawning when you there area (Helps make the game less resourse intensive)
  • Small tank driving area
  • Even smaller download now under 5mb in size

Refer to the readme for more information.



UrbanHavok -By Havoksage

Thanks for downloading UrbanHavok, Expect more updates and releases soon! 


1.Extract the RAR to the Desktop (or anywhere for that matter)
2.Move the contents of the UrbanHavoksandbox folder to your CrysisGame folder.
2.Run the map as you would any other!


Q: The map won't load

A: Check that the UrbanHavok folder is in the levels folder it should be:


Q: There are no ambient explosions that shake my screen like on COD4!

A: Have no fear! Just check that the libs folder included in the RAR is in your Game directory. The path should be:

CrysisGameLibsParticlesArtilary.xml (I spelt artillary wrong...)

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