We have a first time CrysisGameFiles content submitter in our midst...introductions go out to ravage9218, as he brings along a Single Player map that will quench your thirst for Crysis action! Be prepared for your gaming experience to jump a notch or two in the intensity department. You'll need to be packin' some serious heat in order to get off this island alive!!!

You arrive in a plane, stocked with a few weapons, and you drop down below and scale the beaches of Normandy. Now you have to choose your path. The Maze? The Jungle? ...Or are you more of a free rider and prefer to race and just blow crap up? XIX has it all and you will want to play it over and over. Just make sure you watch your back, the Koreans are everywhere and General Kyong has a bounty on your head.

The main objective of this map is a simple one...kill all the Koreans and try to get out alive. If you think you have what it takes to complete this adventure, then your clicking the download link will act as acceptance of this mission.




Place in normal folder for playing levels usually Game\Levels
If this does not work contact [email protected]

Thx LT for loading screen

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