We have a sweet map from Gary that will fix up your Crysis needs...This Single Player map is an icy expanse will make you thankful th...


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We have a sweet map from Gary that will fix up your Crysis needs...This Single Player map is an icy expanse will make you thankful that you have a nanosuit on. Boredom does not come into play with XMAP, as there are plenty targets and hundreds of enemies to keep you busy.

If you find that you have some spare time while you're running around giving your trigger finger a work out, you may want to look at completing some, if not all of the six primary objectives:

  • Processing complex
  • Laboratories
  • Schoolhouse
  • Railway
  • Line
  • The Village

Not to overwhelm you while trying to complete this map, but if you have the time, there are other minor objectives, and things that can be done...and most of these involve killing something, and very often, everything in the area. If this appeals to you, then download and give XMAP a try!


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Download 'xmap.zip' (13.94MB)

+++ XMAP +++
by Gary Fowler

An icy expanse.Loads of targets,hundreds of enemies,some with exotic firearms not used in the game
itself.Principal objectives include
1/ processing complex
2/ laboratories
3/ schoolhouse
4/ railway
5/ mine
6/ The Village
but there`s also a lot of targets interspersed around these main sites.Most objectives involve killing something,
and often everything in the area.

Install in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Levels ,or wherever your Crysis installation is.
Go to the console by pressing the ` key and type the following:

con_restricted 0
map xmap

Thanks to crymod.com for it`s many tips,and of course,Crytek,for BY FAR THE BEST editor out there!!!!!!

Please ignore the objectives screen-I could`ve written some myself but it would`ve meant unpacking files,and making this 
a much bigger folder than it is- I don`t think that it makes much difference anyway.Just rely on the radar. 
Please note that this has been written and playtested only by me,so I can`t anticipate many of the bugs that might crop up
because of differing machines and playing styles.After playing this a lot,I can only find a couple of irritating problems- 
one with AI tanks and one with rendering at the mine entrance.I can also beat this map with ease(But I did write it!).

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