Drag and Drop compilation for Cyberpunk 2077

1699552067-Cyberpunk 2077 DragNDrop Compilation.zip


A simple to install mod pack for Cyberpunk 2077

Currently features:

  • RedScript by jac3km4

  • Cyber Engine Tweaks by yamashi

  • RED4ext by WopsS

  • TweakXL by psiberx

  • Cyber Engine Tweaks In-Game Mod Manager by Natsji

  • Unlock Me The Mods 2.01 by psiberx - lets you remove mods from normal weapons. Great time-saver.

  • Cyberarms Patch by Aanderz - fixes meshes for Cyberarms.

  • Reset Attributes always available by yakuzadeso - just lets you do a complete respec more than once

  • Blade Runner 2077 Better Finer Rain V6.0 by AK47OG - better rain.

  • Jiggle by JohnsonsStuff - jiggle.

  • Underwear fix by anygoodname - fixes the ingame toggle so when you choose for the game to show everything - it will show everything. It's so weird that after some patches game started putting briefs on V regardless of your settings.



1) Install RedMod free DLC (just check store DLCs for Cyberpunk 2077 or enter "RedMod" in store's search bar)
2) Drag and drop contents of the zip file into Cyberpunk 2077 root folder.

To find the root folder of the game in:
- Steam rightclick on Cyberpunk -> Manage -> Browse Local Files
- GOG rightclick on Cyberpunk -> Manage Instalation -> Show Folder

On first launch after instalation the Mod Manager will ask you to bind a key combination to it: press on "Unbound" and it'll start recording the keypress, press key combination (up to 4 keys at once) you feel like will be comfortable and done!

PS: Mods are meant to work with game version 2.0+ and MIGHT require Phantom Liberty too.

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