100 Health Armor

100healtharmor.zip —


100%Health Armor Mod for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic by jepperson

This is just a simple mod that gives you the change to actually have 100 health. It changes the shadowsteel armor to add 20, up from 10, and give the plate armor a bonus of 10 health. Shadowsteel armor will say in game it adds 20 now, but the plate armor does not state it, but it does still add 10.

List of Changes: Plate Armor now adds 10 to your health Shadowsteel Armor now adds 20 to your health

Installation: Place the folder "items" into your Dark Messiah game folder in the "mm\models" directory.

Removal: Delete the folders in "mm\\models\\items\\weapons" you no longer wish to use.


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