Its simply a remake of Nar-Heresh, Making it into a CTF map.


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Its simply a remake of Nar-Heresh, Making it into a CTF map.

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Download 'ctf_narheresh.zip' (31.96MB)

"CTF_Nar-Heresh for Dark Messiah Multi-Player"

Size:: Huge
Name:: CTF_Nar-Heresh
Description:: A HUGE Map, But nothing more then a remake of Nar Heresh... Making it into CTF.
Teams:: I suggest
Note:: I did NOT create this from scratch, I just made the map CTF.
Author: Deepy
Website: www.armchairs.be
Contact: Please use the forum or private message at armchairs.be
If you want to use this map in a mod project or anywhere except at a server.
Please talk to me first, I will give you permission to use it IF it's needed.
If you use this map somewhere (except at your server) _GIVE_ me credits, I want people to know who made this crappy map :)
Installation Instructions

Move CTF_Nar-Heresh.bsp into your 
"Steam\SteamApps\$USERNAME\dark messiah might and magic multi-player\maps"
folder. Restart Steam, Load multiplayer.
And tada map available :)

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