Dark Messiah of Might and Magic v1.01 Patch - German

This patch updates Dark Messiah of Might and magic to v1.01. - Crash fixed on Save/Load if player has an object in their hands.- Healt...


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This patch updates Dark Messiah of Might and magic to v1.01.

- Crash fixed on Save/Load if player has an object in their hands. - Health and poison effects are no longer displayed during credits. - Player’s hands don’t appear behind the credits when you combine the Skull of Shadows with an equipped spell. - All game menus are hidden when a video starts. - Problem fixed when the player tries to switch between Xana mode and an equipped scroll. - Indestructible shields are now really indestructible :) - Crash fixed when the player tries to throw a dagger, then immediately jumps and parries. - Crash fixed when the player tries to switch between casting a fireball and taking an object. - The DM fonts now support all Eastern European languages. - Bug fixed. Player cannot re-use a scroll multiple times after switching to Xana mode. - Saving is now disabled during end game credits to avoid system anomalies. - The player now dismounts correctly from the top of ladders, even when moving backward. - Leanna no longer shows the wrong animation when exiting from the giant spider’s lair. - Fixed a bug that could occur when saving a game at the end of level 12_A. The chain that allows you to exit from that part of the level won’t be shortened (unusable) if you reload at this point. - Instantaneous spells (Magic Protection, Heal, Wizard Eye) no longer break other spells like Firetrap. - Climbing NPCs can't be charmed and fall if shrunken. - Bug fixed that allowed player to break the planks from the last house of the l07_a without being inside the house. - Bug fixed. When the player uses magic against Aratrok, his bodyguards now react. - Fixed getting stuck on door on Level 11, when jumping on a rope attached to it. - Fixed weapon being unequipped after jumping in certain conditions - Fixed when pressing E multiple time in certain conditions would quicksave the game - Fixed when pressing E very quickly to get his backpack back at a specific location, backpack was recovered but all objects were missing - Localisation: while in game pressing esc and then switchwing to MP, the confirmation window was not tranlsated. - Fixed not being able to take any objects under certain conditions - Fixed game crash after de-equipping a weapon in certain conditions - Fixed a potential first person hands animation problems - Fixed being stuck sometimes in some specific locations close to stairs - Fixed looping dagger and staff sound when doing a power attack and parrying in the middle. - Fixed some scrolls that could be used several times (much like a spell) - Fixed teleporting that could occur when using lockpick - Fixed Fireball staying stuck to the player until it explodes - Localisation: German: fixed improper wall signs - Fixed the mission failed message not appearing when killing the wounded guard on the island. - Fixed, shrinked enemies are now sensitive to melee weapon - Fixed a crashwhen killing a NPC with a fire weapon when he is knee deep in the water - Fixed Percy getting stuck in a window - Fixed Percy not reacting properly to certain players choice (avoiding spoiler) - Fixed a certain NPC (still avoiding spoiler..) still looking Alive when he is should be dead - Fixed invisible wall present on level 7 - Fixed a crash when at the raggdoll in level 2 with a fire arrow spell - Fixed collision disapearing on Trap behing the barn after a reload - Fixed lockping becoming a weapon (melee animations played) - Fixed Lighting bolt scroll not working - Fixed issue with telekeninesis not always working as intended - Fixed issues with "Adjust Brightness Level" still being in game after using it in the menu.

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