A fantastic idea!

As so many people are having major issues with the game, specifically the second chapter, this is a fantastic idea by...


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A fantastic idea!

As so many people are having major issues with the game, specifically the second chapter, this is a fantastic idea by Unit 2.

What he's done is create saves at the begining of each of the load zones. So for anyone who's having trouble with cutscenes, or area's that are causing difficulty, can now be avoided due to these wonderful loads.

Now, he has already put most of the skills in. The final save, you end up with the following (each save is different. Some have potions and items are added as the author went through):


Melee 3 Archery 3 Strength 3 Critical Hit 2 Adrenaline

Dark Vision Firetrap

Stamina Endurance 3 Poison Resistance Vitality

And a remaining 9 SP to do with as you wish


Shadowsteel Armor Wizard Robe Assasins Garb

Short Sword Long Sword Sword of the Dragonclaw Souldrinker Naga Silksword Superior Naga Silksword Daggers Daggers of the Dragonfang

Bow Rope Bow

1 Food Ration

Overall very useful, though personally I would have prefered it with just the cumulative SP to do so as you wish. This way you have a set template.

For those thinking that the weapons list isnt very exaustive, he has also included a file that allows for weapons to be spawned at will.

bind "b" "give weapon_mm_staff_combat" (combat staff) bind "m" "give weapon_arx_long_sword" (long sword) bind "n" "give weapon_arxdaggers" (normal daggers) bind "PGDN" "give weapon_mm_staff_spell" (staff of reflection) bind "PGUP" "give weapon_mm_daggers_kryss" (poison daggers) bind "," "give weapon_arxkatana" (silk sword) bind "." "give weapon_mm_bow_sniper" (elven bow) bind "/" "give weapon_arxcrossbowrope" (rope bow) bind "\" "give weapon_mm_bow_poison" (poison bow) bind "o" "give weapon_arxringregeneration" (ring of regeneration) bind "END" "give weapon_mm_daggers_kryss_lk" (normal kriss daggers) bind "DEL" "give weapon_mm_daggers_light" (lightning kriss daggers) bind "u" "give weapon_sword_souldrinker" (souldrinker) bind "x" "give weapon_arx_silver_sword" (that dragon knight sword) bind "z" "give weapon_arx_wakizashi_of_excellence" (improved silk sword) bind "UPARROW" "give weapon_mm_staff_fire" (staff of the firelord) bind "DOWNARROW" "give weapon_mm_staff_shadow" (shadowsteel staff) bind "LEFTARROW" "give weapon_mm_bow_freeze" (bow of the winter breath) bind "RIGHTARROW" "give weapon_mm_daggers_polar" (freeze daggers) bind "INS" "give weapon_mm_daggers_shadow" (shadowsteel daggers) bind "HOME" "give weapon_arx_sword_of_fire" (earthfire sword, very effective against zombies and spiders) bind "j" "give weapon_mm_shield_magic" (lightning shield) bind "k" "give weapon_mm_bow_holy" (dragon knight bow, does double dmg to undead) bind "l" "give weapon_mm_staff_holy" (dragon knight staff, does double dmg to undead) bind "'" "give weapon_mm_daggers_of_ashes" (dragon knight daggers, does double dmg to undead)

Overall Im very impressed with this and hope that many people will put it to use. Especially useful to those who've been having problems and encountering gamestopping bugs :)

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Download '' (30.9MB)

this .zip contains saves from the start of every level.
just put all the files except from this into steamapps/username/dark messiah might and magic singleplayer/mm/SAVE

-includes a weapon spawn list for you to use at your leisure. see it for details.

-unit 2 (benste AT mail DOT com)

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