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Well what can I say. This is the best mod for the demo to date.

It basically allows you to do whatever you want, and if used in conjunct...


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Well what can I say. This is the best mod for the demo to date.

It basically allows you to do whatever you want, and if used in conjunction with some of the other maps is absolutely great.

It allows you to spawn npcs, god mode, noclip (which means you can fly through the walls to the cyclops) give yourself items, ALL the skills and ALL the spells.

I will strongly suggest everyone who downloads this read the readme first because theres alot to take in and it helps if you know what it does. (I wrote the readme for this as the author didnt include one per-say)

- Carrick

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Single Player Demo Modifications


To install, place the file called "myconfig.cfg" in your 

"C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Demo\mm\cfg"

 or (if you're using the steam version)

 "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\YOURUSERNAME\dark messiah singleplayer demo\mm\cfg"

folder. Next, you need to create a desktop shortcut (if you havent already. To do this in steam right click it on your games list and theres an option). 

Now, go to the desktop shortcut, right click it and click "properties". Next, where it says "target" you need to add this onto the end of it:

" +sv_cheats 1 +map_warrior e3_l06_l09 +exec myconfig.cfg"

 (no quotes, and so there is a space at the begining before the +)

The CFG file is basically the part of the mod you can edit to your liking. It reads as follows:

bind "F1" "mm_npc_create_orc_sword_shield" 
bind "F2" "mm_npc_create_goblin" 
bind "F3" "mm_npc_create_cyclope" 
bind "F4" "mm_npc_create_Phenrig" 
bind "F5" "mm_npc_create_human_guard_bow" 
bind "F6" "mm_npc_create_undead" 
bind "F7" "mm_npc_create_wizard" 
bind "F8" "exec myconfig.cfg"
bind "F9" "god"
bind "n" "noclip"
bind "[" "map_warrior e3_l06_l09"
bind "l" "mm_player_add_skillpoints 20"
bind "q" "mm_player_add_adrenaline 100"
bind "mouse3" "ent_remove"
bind "mouse4" "ent_text"
bind "r" "CreateHairball"
bind "t" "give weapon_mm_staff_wood"
g_ragdoll_maxcount 200
arrow_unlimited 1
mm_player_stamina_megasprint_cost_per_second 0
mm_player_skills_grosbill 1
mm_player_skills_grosbill 1

What it does
This does a few things. 

Firstly, F1-F7 will spawn NPCS where you're looking. They go as follows:

F1 - Orc with shield
F2 - Goblin
F3 - Cyclops
F4 - Phenrig
F5 - Human Guard with Bow (not blackguard. This is quite a tough NPC)
F6 - Undead
F7 - Wizard (An unskinned charactor in the demo)

Next, F8 will reload the config file so if you decide to alt tab and edit something in the file you can put it into effect right away without having to restart the game.

F9 is god mode. Nice for those big battles that you actually want to survive.

"n" is noclip. This is really handy because it means that you can noclip around that passage to the cyclops cave, basically skipping the video. As the video doesnt trigger, the demo doesnt end and you can fight the cyclops. (Its actually there, not just some video)

"[" will reload the second map from the demo.

"L" Will give the player 20 skill points

"Q" will automatically fill the adrenaline bar

"Mouse 3" will delete items. Dont overuse this as it will cause a crash

"Mouse 4" will give you the names of objects which you can then spawn if you edit the CFG file

"r" does something which the author defines as "weird" but it just crashed my PC. "Create Hairball" I dread to think what it is. I took this out of my CFG as I personally found that I kept going to use arrow zoom and accidently crashing my game.

"T" Will give you the staff weapon, which isnt skinned, but its still cool to have.

So those are the added controls. If you want to add more you can do so by editing the CFG.

The OTHER things it does.

It increases the ragdoll count to 200, (more corpses :D)

It gives the player unlimited arrows

It makes it so that the players stamina bar will never decrease (unlimited sprint)

And best of all, it gives the player ALL of the skills and spells. There are other mods that do this however this is the only one to date that causes virtually no lag.

Now you might say "but where are the spells? They arent in my toolbar. I have them but they arent there".

If you go to the "magic" section of the skills window, and click and drag the blue highlighted spells to your toolbar they will appear. 

So take the firearrow spell. Click and drag from where the skill is in the skills window to where you want it on your toolbar. Simple. There is a video here incase anyone gets confused.

One of the things that WILL cause lag with this is if you put all the spells on at once. I recommend choosing about 2 or 3 you want to use and placing them on. Otherwise it will most likely become unplayable again. The Fireball spell inperticular has been known to cause lag just by itself. Unless you really want to, i'd give that one a miss.

Other items you can bind in the CFG to add are the following (discovered so far. There are more)





dinosaurman221 has requested the ability to edit spells to take out things like cooldown, so here's how it's done:

First, you're going to save this file to your 

"C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Demo\mm\scripts" folder.


 "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\YOURUSERNAME\dark messiah singleplayer demo\mm\scripts"

Note: You probably won't have a scripts folder, so you'll have to create it. 

Next, you can open up the spells.txt file and pretty much edit to your hearts content! So for example, if I wanted to reduce the cooldown on the telekinesis spell, I'd scroll down to where I saw "// Telekenesis", and then look for the line that looks like this:

"recovery"			"10"

You can change that value to 0 for a much shorter cooldown time. Here's what this is doing: in one of the GCF files, there's also a folder called "scripts" and a file called "spells.txt," only this looks like the default one before you've made any changes. If the game finds a file outside of the GCF with the same name and path, it'll use that one instead of the one it has. That's how you're able to change the spell settings.

There's alot of other things in there to mess around with, so go experiment!

Theres one other fun thing to try

If you bind:


That will select an npc you're looking at

Then if you also bind 


It will order the npc you selected to go where you want. 

End Notes
While this does remove the game running at unplayable speeds my experience has shown that it does decay slowly over time. It slows down very slowly. But you simply need to restart the map and it fixes it. 

Also, the one way I can garuntee it will crash is if you add ALL the spells at once. DONT DO IT. Just drag a couple at a time otherwise it will be laggy. And I'd recommend leaving the fireball spell alone.


All credit goes to WhereMyArm for his wonderful addition to this demo.

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