Leanna to Xana Replacement

mm.zip —


This is a small modification for Dark Messiah. Basically what it does is replace the regular Leanna model with Xana's. There are some glitches with the model as this is the default model (which was made by either Arkane, Ubisoft) for Xana.




Lots of people wanted to have her or it (whichever) ingame so when I was bored I did it. 

Basically all you have to do to Install is extract the files to your 'mm' folder which
can be found in "X:Program FilesSteamsteamappsSteamUsernameDark Messiah Might and Magic Single Player".
THe X: of course depends on where you installed Steam, and the SteamUsername also depends on
what your Steam username is.

As I said before there are a couple of bugs with the model (if you look at her neck) and 
there are some animation errors as well, the model wasn't meant to be used ingame so don't 

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