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If you want to play Dark Messiah without spiders, download this ZIPfile I put together and then read the README.txt file in the ZIPfile.It r...


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If you want to play Dark Messiah without spiders, download this ZIPfile I put together and then read the README.txt file in the ZIPfile.

It replaces all small and regular spiders with pigs, so if you're uncomfortable with pigs as well then this wont help! In most cases, you can just walk past the pigs, but there is at least one scenario where you have to kill all the pigs to proceed.

The Queen Spider is still in, but she auto-dies after a few seconds so you can just run back toward the elevator then let her die by herself. She's too big to follow you to the elevator.


The content of this patch is entirely owned by Arkane Studios and taken entirely from Dark Messiah game data files. You will need a full version of Dark Messiah to use this patch, so you will already have everything this patch contains, albeit stored in a different order.

If you are unable to download this content, you can use GCF Scape to re-arrange the game data files as I did.

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Download '' (583KB)

Might & Magic Dark Messiah

No-Spider Patch v1.0 by rwp80

8th August 2009


Unzip this zipfile into the folder where you have Might & Magic Dark Messiah installed. For example, I have Dark Messiah installed to:

C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsrwp80dark messiah might and magic single player

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is essential that the zip contents are unzipped with folders (pathways) preserved. The files have to sit in exactly the correct folders to work properly. If they all unzip to the same folder then that won't work.

The correct setting in a typical WinZIP program is to "Extract Full Paths".


This patch replaces all spiders in Dark Messiah with pigs (except for the optional Queen Spider, see below for notes). The pigs look like pigs and behave like pigs - They will not attack you and they will take a while to kill due to their bacon toughness. For some reason unknown to me, they are all jet black with shiny skin. I guess it's some technical issue with colour palettes or character texturing (Who cares?!).

There's still a slightly scary element to the patched version: Walking past jet black pigs glued to the walls and cieling makes you think "Those weren't supposed to be pigs!". Just keep walking or shoot them off the walls for laughs.

One one occasion, you will be locked in a room with about 10 pigs to get a certain artifact. You'll have to kill all the pigs on that occasion - I hope you have as much fun as I did with that! In fact, after battling my way to that part of the game, it was this very scenario that gave me the idea to assemble this patch.

I considered replacing the spiders with something active like goblins. However, pig replacement was the first attempt and I'm not prepared to spend time trying to improve on it. The pig replacements work just fine for me so why fix something that isn't broken? I might change it to goblins in a future patch version, but that's unlikely.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to technical limitations, the only one spider left in the game is the Queen Spider boss in Chapter 8. I couldn't figure out how to remove the Queen Spider entirely without breaking the game. With the Queen Spider completely removed, Leanna refuses to leave the room until the Queen Spider dies, which is impossible if she (the Queen) doesn't exist. Therefore, I've kept her in to preserve the option to save Leanna, but keep this in mind:

1) The side quest to face the Queen Spider and rescue Leanna is optional - You dont have to go there at all.

2) This patch does affect the Queen Spider - it gives her massive health degeneration. Just attack her once then run back through the small corridor to the elevator - She is unable to follow you! The Queen Spider will die automatically over the next few seconds. When you see a skill point window pop up, you'll know it's dead before you go back in. Leanna is cocooned on a ledge in the far left corner of the room. You'll still have to walk around the Queen corpse to get to Leanna, but that's a cross you'll have to bear to save her. Leanna will probably attack some pigs hidden up in the webbing. Just help her or let her get on with it, but you might have to fetch her if she doesnt walk to the elevator herself.

3) The Queen Spider is hardly a spider at all. It looks more like an alien, and far less menacing than the normal spiders in the unpatched version of the game. In fact, it reminded me of one of the alien monsters from Half-Life.


The patch is basically just a copy of the pig model files renamed and placed in the correct paths (folders) to override the unpatched spider models that the game calls from the "GCF" file. A copy of the Queen Spider "QCT" file is included in the patch, to make the Queen auto-die due to massive health degeneration.

The patch does not affect any other game elements or characters. Character dialogue and quest boxes will still refer to spiders, even though they are now pigs. Even though the patch turns them into what we can clearly see are pigs that look and behave like pigs, the game still 'thinks' these pigs are spiders.

I have no idea if this is compatible with other patches, but it should work as long as other patches dont affect the spider model files. In a case of multiple patches, the patch you install LAST should take priority if it overwrites any of the previous patches' files. Note that this is a guess, and not something that has been tested.

This patch only affects the single player version of Dark Messiah and has not been tested with the multiplayer version.


I am uncomfortable with spiders and do not consider discomfort to be entertaining. If you are considering this patch for yourself, you probably feel the same way. I play games to be entertained, not nearly puke on my keyboard.

I think some game developers are taking a very cheap and lame approach using an existing animal's "creepiness" to "make the game more exciting". That same ridiculous logic would justify child abduction in The Sims.

I want to give a big salute to all the talented game developers who create their own unique monsters from scratch, which are creepy in their own unique and insteresting way. Valve's Half-Life series and Id's Doom and Quake series are classic examples of this kind of monster creativity in game development.

Arkane Studios have done an amazing job with Dark Messiah. I am absolutely blown away by the combat and character build system - a perfect blend of action and RPG with the tedious elements removed.

As far as monsters go, the Ghouls, Necromancers, Undead, and Orcs are all awesome in every way ("KILL STRANGER!")

Arkane Studios, thank you for this amazing game, but leave out the spiders next time!

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