Staves Mod



Staves Mod for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic by jepperson

This mod changes the requirements for some of the staves in the game so that all of them require levels of Magic Affinity to use. IMO it makes sense for the Mages to be able to use the staves and not have any of them require combat skills to use.

List of Changes: Combatstaff now requires Magic Affinity level 1 Firelord staff now requires Magic Affinity level 2 Shadowsteel staff now requires Magic Affinity level 2 Soulreaver staff now does 4 damage as I thought it was a bit weak, especially by the time you get it.

Installation: Place the folder "items" into your Dark Messiah game folder in the "mmmodels" directory.

Removal: Delete the folders in "mm\models\items\weapons" you no longer wish to use.


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