True Might and Magic



This mod attempts to make the game more 'true' according to the author.

After having a run through with this mod, the thing that grabbed my attention the most was the slowmotion added to the game. Unlike other slowmo mods, this requires no codes to turn on, and only one button (rather than one for on and one for off) which makes it extremely smooth and easy to use. The other thing was the very nice sounds that accompanied the on and off of the effect, which again included a very nice "Sin City" esque effect where the screen goes to black and white.

What I disliked about the mod was the fact that it seems as though the speed you fight at was faster. I personally prefer the much slower, deliberate and brutal moves of the vanilla game rather than this hack and slash that's enfored on us with the mod.

You have a fair bit more stamina and kicking now needs less, as does sprinting which makes the game a little easier in some situations though I rarely found myself running out of stamina when I really needed it in combat anyway. You also kick farther than you did before which can be nice too.

Arrows now fly faster and a little straighter and you also draw your bow and zoom down the bow slightly faster as well which is always nice.

You can also throw ragdolls farther as well as other objects for those long range "box kills".

My one argument about this mod being more "True", or "Realistic" as this is, in essence, a realism mod; is that by entering a nice little code in the console you instantly recieve a whole load of nice rare magic weapons and shields which in a way negates the realism. Still a nice little option, but contradictary to what I felt were the mod's aims.

Overall a handy little mod and worth a download.




True Might and Magic attempts to make a few tweaks to the game, such as:

Faster bow zooming, ladder climbing, Longer kick distance, Less Stamina needed to Kick/Run

Physics Objects and Ragdolls that are easier to interact with and throw

Ragdolls that fall more realistically and collide

A single on/off Bulle...Er, "Sword Time" button


Find your Dark Messiah directory

Replace the mm folder with the mm folder



Press V to turn "Sword Time" on and off.

Open the console and type magicitems to get some neat stuff

WARNING --- This mod is best used with War Axe Mod, Archer's Requim, and Unholy Weapons. Also it is recommended you update to the latest version (even Patch 1.01 fixes a stunning amount of problems in the original release)

Shiro Wantami
[email protected]

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