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Well this is our first skin for Leanna that I beleive we've had (all the others being for Orc's :p ) and I think this might be something a...


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Well this is our first skin for Leanna that I beleive we've had (all the others being for Orc's :p ) and I think this might be something a lot of people may have been waiting for.

The author has attempted to make Leanna look as though she is an underwear model, I would assume, from some Anne Summers catalogue. It essentially gets rid of Leanna's shirt, tunic, bustier, whatever you want to call it, and replaces it with a bra....If you can call it that.

The actual textures on the skin are very nice such as the flesh tone, and it looks alright from certain angles, however from certain others, not so much. Close up the textures remain really nice but the skins actual, er, additions to the original Leanna can be clearly seen, partly because I beleive the skin colours don't exactly match up where the replacement part of the skin is. Not only that, but as the original model for leanna had her clothes on and the model itself took that into consideration (i.e theres a ridge where the clothes would be raised from the body) so it kind of looks as though she's wearing a scantily clad, flesh colour peice of armor plating on her front. Also on the back it doesn't line up anything like properly. I'm not really sure what's going on there... The bra itself is simplstic to say the least. Two sort of, cup shapes that are simply black. Almost looks as though there are just segments missing from the skin that the author filled in with black, rather than meticulously drawing a bra. The stockings also aren't great. The legs just look brown with a couple of additions to them.

For several of these problems, I'll give the author a break as I don't believe at the moment we can make custom models for the game which is where half the problems have arrisen.

Oh, to install you may need to make two new folders in the specified location, and then place the "npc_leanna" folder into that.

(so you may need to make the "materials" folder in your "mm" folder and then make the "models" folder in the "materials" folder.)

X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\USERNAME\dark messiah might and magic single player\mm\materials\models

Or if using the DVD version;

X:\Program Files\Ubisoft\dark messiah might and magic single player\mm\materials\models

Anyway, for those of you out there that have wanted to see Leanna wearing a bit less for a while, this is the Mod for you.

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Download 'leanna_chick.rar' (1.08MB)


Leanna as a babe!?

by XxBlancXx
([email protected])

how to install:
Copy/paste the "npc_leanna" folder to mm\materials\models if you do not have models folder, just create one
then just run the game.. snip snap . :D

What is this?
well, this is a texture, that makes leanna look likes she's an underwear model... shortly :D

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