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Another mod for the holy weapons that's nicely done.

As with the other mod for the holy weapons, it allows you to use them from the moment you find them. It also changes the damage on all of them, lowering the damage slightly, as the author beleived that they were overpowered, which I'm willing to agree with.

A Nice little mod. The white around the holy weapons is a little dim for my liking, but otherwise a nice little mod.



Unholy/Holy Weapons Mod
for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
by jepperson

This mod modifies the "holy" weapons, the bow, sword, daggers and staff. It also modifies the "unholy" weapons, the Souldrinker sword and Soulreaver staff. 

Holy Weapons:
First off I did not like the green glow given to the holy weapons. So I changed the weapons glow and trails to white. I didn't add a glow to the daggers, since they didn't have one originally. Also, I thought they were overpowered, I mean double damage for the undead is ok, but not when you start out with 9 for the sword to begin with. It made the last part of the game a little easy in my opinion. So I took them all down a notch, just 1 hitpoint for each weapon, it is not much of a change but I think it helps. Also, I changed the sword so that you can use it, or drop it if you wish, as soon as you find it. 

Unholy Weapons:
I think these are the coolest looking of their respective classes. I thought they should be a bit more powerfull than they are, so I upped their damage by 2 for both of them. I don't think it makes them too unbalanced, although they are a little strong when you first find them.

List of changes:
Holy Weapons now glow white(except daggers) and have white trails.
Sword of Dragonclaw   does 8 damage (-1 from original)
Staff of Dragonbone   does 6 damage (-1 from original)
Daggers of Dragonfang does 6 damage (-1 from original)
Bow of Dragonhorn     does 7 damage (-1 from original)
Souldrinker Sword     does 6 damage (+2 from original)
Soulreaver Staff      does 4 damage (+2 from original)
The amount of health the Souldrinker Sword restored was not what it said in game. It said 30% but only added 10%. It now adds 30%.

Place the files of your choice in your Dark Messiah game folder in the following directory: "mm\models\items\weapons" If the directory does not exist create it. Sorry for any inconvienence, but I did this so that you can easily copy which ones you want to use.

Removal: Just delete the folders in the "mm\models\items\weapons" folder you no longer wish to use.

Do not post my mod anywhere without giving me credit or including the original readme. Thank you.

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