Unholy Weapons Mod



Version 1.1 of the Unholy/Holy weapons mod by jepperson makes the glow on the weapons slightly brighter and includes simplified installation instructions in the readme.

Enjoy :)



Unholy/Holy Weapons Mod v1.1
for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
by jepperson

This mod modifies the "holy" dragon weapons and the Souldrinker and Soulreaver.

V1.1 has a brighter glow for the holy weapons and easier installation.

Holy Weapons:
I changed the weapons glow and trails to white. A white glow suits a holy weapon better than green IMO. I did not add glow to the daggers. I thought the holy weapons were overpowered, which made the last part of the game a bit easy. I took them all down 1 hitpoint, enough to notice, but not enough to make them feel weak. I also changed the sword so that you can use it, or drop it, as soon as you find it.

Unholy Weapons:
I thought the Souldrinker and Soulreaver should be a bit more powerfull, since they are the "unholy" weapons of the game. I upped their damage by 2 for both of them. For the Souldrinker, I noticed that the % given back to your health is not the 30% it says in game, it was 10% in the settings, so I changed it to actually be 30%.

List of changes:
Holy Weapons now glow white(except daggers) and have white trails.
Sword of Dragonclaw   does 8 damage (-1 from original)
Staff of Dragonbone   does 6 damage (-1 from original)
Daggers of Dragonfang does 6 damage (-1 from original)
Bow of Dragonhorn     does 7 damage (-1 from original)
Soulreaver Staff      does 4 damage (+2 from original)
Souldrinker Sword     does 6 damage (+2 from original)
Souldrinker also now restores 30% of damage dealt as stated in game.

Place the folder "items" into your Dark Messiah game folder in the "mm\models" directory. 

Delete the folders in "mm\models\items\weapons" you no longer wish to use.

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