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There are many weapons you find through Sareth's adventures yet many of them never see much use. There's an Axe which acts as a dumbed down Shortsword, Hooks a plenty and a pair of rather thirsty Souldrinkers.

Basically, I've tweaked the qct files and made the less useful weapons a little more interesting. I've also made the Rings of Might and Fire Protection a little more appealing.

Small download size and can be removed just by removing a few files.



6.Closing Words


Hey, I'm Dokutayuu, doctor of style, and I've played DM many times. I've noticed that some items I just don't use as there are better alternatives. I've made a few tweaks to try and make some of the less useful weapons more fun. Contact me at half.polka.alchemist@*SPAM-ME-NOT*gmail.com if you need to. If you hadn't figured it out, remove the statements asterixed.


I did the tweaks and you are free to use them as you wish. In fact, you can tweak my tweaks. Just don't go around boasting that what I did is yours. I didn't make the game, Arkane and Ubisoft did. Piracy is bad, people.


1)Find your Steam directory. 

2)Go to SteamApps

3)Go to the folder which is your username (e.g Bob's account name is Bob, the folder is "Bob")

4)Go to your Dark Messiah Might and Magic Singleplayers folder

5)Go to the mm folder

6)Go to the models folder.

7)Create a new folder called items.

8)Place the folders included in the download inside the items folder.

9)Remove any tweaks you do not wish to be applied by removing the folders you do not want (the Naga Silksword is known as sword_wakizashi and the Poison Daggers are daggers_kriss)

WARNING: I am not responsible for any problems associated with the tweaks. They worked fine on my PC and are not designed to cause damage.

I also recommend downloading the Staves mod from Filefront (which makes the Staves require Mana Affinty rather than Melee Combat) and the Polar mod from Filefront (this makes the Ice weapons more useful)


Delete the new folders inside the items folder to revert game functions back to the retail editions. 




The Axe was a novelty weapon found in the Orc Temple. It looked cool but was awful compared to the other weapons. I've made it a little more potent. 

*No longer a simple weapon (all four power strikes and parry-able)
*Power increased from 2 to 5 (why bother with it when you've got the longsword?)
*Set Strength 1 as a prequisit (A mid point between the basic weapons and the Cleaver)

Blacksmith Hammer

A common tool throughout the game. I didn't do much to it because it's not really meant for combat. I made it a little more useful though.

*No longer a simple weapon (see def. at Axe)
*Gave it a +1% chance of critical hit out of pity (you might get lucky with a lump of steel, eh?)

Goblin's Club

Another weapon that never really got used. It is now in the same league with the Longsword but has a little critical hit whilst sacrificing a little range. It also requires nothing to use.

*No longer a simple weapon (see def. at Axe)
*Now has a +1% chance of critical hit (you might cause some bone fracturing or something)

The Hook 

Standard Necromancer weapon. I've personally never used it but I've made it a little better so you mages out there might want to.

*No longer a simple weapon (see def. at Axe)

Naga Silksword

The Naga Silksword is a fine weapon indeed. However, it is only a little better than the longsword and costs almost twice as many skill points to use (considering you need melee combat 3 to get critical hit 1). I gave it an extra damage point to give players another reason to get critical hit 1. 

*Increased Power from 3 to 4 (The Longsword was practically identical to it, why bother with the 6 skill points for only the critical hit bonus?)


The Souldrinker is a fun sword indeed. Huge stat requirements, glowing red and steals health. Bad news is that it is fairly weak compared to other weapons. That extra damage point means that it is 2 less than the Cleaver and 1 less than the SNSS which makes it a feasable option for battle.

*Increased the damage from 4 to 5 (To contend with the Superior Naga Silksword and the Cleaver)

Poison Bow

A little toy that the orcs have a few of lying around. However, compared to the other bows, it was a little wimpy. I've upped the damage by 1 to make it a little more interesting.

*Upped damage from 2 to 3.

Lightning Daggers

They're daggers yet require no stealth at all to use. Now they do.

*Changed the requirrment to Stealth 2 rather than Melee Combat 2.


Ring of Might

+1 damage is pretty nice. However, as time goes +1 damage means nothing compared to regeneration or extra critical hit. +2 means that the ring remains useful for more of the game.

*Increased damage bonus from 1 to 2

Ring of Fire Protection

This thing's pretty obsolete when you get it. The Eathfire Shield does the job. However, I have increased the protection so only 15% of the damage gets through rather than 25%.

*Increased fire protection so 15% of damage is felt rather than 25%

6.Closing Words

Thanks for using this tweak-pack. If you have a suggestion or found a mistake please contact me at [email protected]

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