Double Trouble

This is another mod that brings a variation on the double enemies idea, with all bosses, minibosses and mobs duplicated, increasing difficul...


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This is another mod that brings a variation on the double enemies idea, with all bosses, minibosses and mobs duplicated, increasing difficulty.

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Double Trouble Mod

What this mod does

The mod duplicates enemies: bosses, minibosses and mobs.  
The idea is borrowed from Enemy Onslaught DS3 Mod by TKGP, on the author permission.

All 26 bosses are proven to be beatable and reachable.
All bosses are thoroughly tested and coded to behave properly. Original and clone don't damage each other and both must be killed to defeat the boss. You get double souls drop as the reward.  
You need to distinguish between the original enemies and clones in some rare cases. For example, the second stage of the Gargoyles fight starts  when you bring the original Gargoyle to 60%, not the clone.
Post Centipede bonfire is moved right to the Bed of Chaos fog wall, meanwhile BoC fight progress is saved only if you destroyed both orbs. 
Andre is cloned, so you can try some double boxing. Human-like NPCs are not cloned due to the intrinsic limit on their amount.
I still expect the mod to have quite a few minor glitches due to thousands of small changes done by hand, please report them. All major bugs should be fixed already. 

P.S. Firesage is the hardest non-dlc boss now. Just remember that you can skip it ;)  And be ready for Nito not killing his skeletons (otherwise he would just kill his clone as well).

Installation instructions

It's recommended to start with a fresh Dark Souls Remastered installation if you had installed any kind of mods before.
Download my files and unpack them.
Create a back up of your Dark Souls Remastered folder.
Copy all content of my DATA folder to your Dark Souls Remastered folder and replace the files when prompted (it should be 38 file replacements total).
Launch Dark Souls via Steam.
P.S. If your language is not English you need either to switch it to English or to copy content of msg/ENGLISH and menu/ENGLISH folders to msg/[your_language] and menu/[your_language] to be able to read the new text.


It should be fully compatible with mods, which don't change the same files my mod does. And it can be partially compatible with mods, which change .param and .emevd files, but don't change .msb.

Online play

It should be fine to play this mod online, since it doesn't alter the player character or its gear. I was online with the mod on for 30 hours and haven't been banned. 
But I won't give you any guaranties, so use at your own risk and switch to offline if you are going to play solo.

If you like the mod please press that "Endorse" button.
If you think that my work is worth it, and want to encourage me: here is my donations link. (language can be switched in the right bottom corner)

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