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This file is a solid iron staff which is great for maiming hollows.The author says the textures used are placeholders currently, but the weapon still looks great and the model itself is very well done. So if you're looking for a broad melee type weapon such as this, it is well worth the download.



I made this, in blender and paint.net.    I was inspired by the Wikipedia image for the Kanabo.  [img. thank goodness for the public domain.]

It's just a solid iron staff for maiming poor defenseless hollows.  I like greathammers but i prefer mine not to be made from trees, rocks, or teeth.   That's antique wrought iron for the texture.   Still just a placeholder at best, I encourage making a better one if you've the time. 

Right now its just a mockup model to see if it was possible.    I told myself I wouldn't put it on the Nexus until it was better,  but all I've been doing is procrastinating.   So here it is, if someone was looking for a model like this for their Dark Souls. 

There are seams.  You have been forewarned.

Also beware of looking at the contents of the .dae file too closely ...  it's hideous. better off making your own, i think.   It's a cylinder, a torus, and a few cubes.   

In the meantime if you really want to use this mesh you can install via DSMODT.
Name your new project anything
select weapon from the dropdown list instead of map. choose some kind of long weapon with a comparable hitbox.  zwei?
press the pencil, name it
immediately drag the .dae model onto zwei.  if you make any changes DSMODT might not allow you to drag the model onto it anymore.
Press the directional buttons until the top of the end of the model [the end without the loop] is pointed downwards.  for me it was counterclockwise Y and counterclockwise Z. [the orientation here determines orientation in character's hands. ]
choose a material.  something metal.   drag and drop textures
last thing is to set the target. great club? dagger? you decide.
apply changes
save it

New descriptions are included.  For these you'll have to extract the dvdbnd files and edit FMG files.   I provided the ones I used which target the Morningstar.   You can copy them over,   or you can use the file names as reference for which ones you'll have to edit manually if you want to change weapon descriptions.  

There are ui images as well. One's bigger if you want to edit it,  the other's already scaled to be added to the game texture file.   Use an image editor, open 60a2c243.dds or png, and splice the ui image over the ui icon of the weapon you want to replace.   I'm not including mine because it has other people's work in it.

Very helpful information:
Basic Modding Tutorial (Youtube)
Generate a hitbox for your model in DSMODT (Youtube)
information on EquipWeapon.param (Reddit)
If you want to change which attacks pancake or throw,   you have to edit BehaviorParam_PC.param and copy the Behavior Judge ID and Behavior Ref ID of the attack with the effects you want to the one you want to change.  protip, use stamina consumption numbers as a way to identify your light, heavy, rolling, etc attacks

Holy grail of .param references (GoogleDocs)
item lots are loot tables
Named npcs have entries in the NPC param file but don't have hp or other stats, but have team type. STATs are in character initializer. Set their stats in initializer and their team in NPC
param protector is armor stats
Throws are parries, backstabs, and enemy grabs
ACCESSORY ref ids correlate with effect ids in SPECIAL EFFECTS
Welcome to the Waste Metropolitan

I nearly forgot, but I thought it would be nice to have the plain-text of the FMG files here so you don't even have to download them.  And also so you can laugh at my writing without wasting the extra data.


Weapon type: Hammer/n/Attack type: Strike/n//n/Solid black iron staff forged in an Eastern land./n/Its thin profile belies an immense density./n/Requires both strength and skill to control its motion./n/Studs along the length serve to maim and cause bleeding./n//n/Traditionally wielded by those without regard for personal safety,/n/in an unusual manner that leverages its weight to crush foes/n/or hurl them into one another./n/


Weapon type: Great Hammer/n/Attack type: Strike/n//n/Heavy club forged in an Eastern land./n/Made of solid black iron; its thin profile/n/belies an immense density. Sheer weight/n/sends foes flying, but necessitates/n/inhuman strength./n/Studs along the length cause grievous flesh/n/wounds and bleeding./n//n/Travelers from the East sometimes speak of /n/creatures no longer human, wielding clubs as/n/tall as men./n/

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