Nier Automata Katana Replacements PTDE

Nier Automata Weapons PTDE.zip —


This mod replaces the Dark Souls katanas with 4 katana models from Nier: Automata.

The models replace:

  • The Uchigatana with Virtuous Contract
  • The Iato with Cruel Oath
  • The Washing Pole with Virtuous Treaty
  • The Chaos Blade with Cruel Blood Oah

The scabbards are the original Dark Souls models for each weapon, fitted to the Nier weapons. I'm considering changing them to the halo-scabbard things from Nier: Automata, but it's difficult since the Dark Souls weapons don't disappear when you unsheathe weapons, and players might not spend a lot of time sheathed.

I can also remove the scabbards altogether if they're too big and weird looking. Let me know and if I get enough feedback I'll make changes.

Made with the DSFBX tool by Meowmaritus ( https://github.com/Meowmaritus/DSFBX )

Requires UnpackDarkSoulsForModding to work.

Made using Meowmaritus's DSFBX

2B model replacement mod can be found here. A2 mod coming soon!


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