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Browse our collection of mods, maps, skins and campaigns for Dawn of War, the amazing RTS game based on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 tabletop games.

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Utilities Corsix's Mod Studio

Corsix's Mod Studio is free and open source modding tool for Relic Entertainment's "Dawn of War", "Dawn of War: Winte...


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Others Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Mod Tools v1.41 - with samples

Revision 1.41 of the Mod Tools for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. Updates the mod tools for compatibility with the latest version of the gam...


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Mods Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War Mod - Soulstorm: Strongholds v1.30

More than that, though, it allows you to play using one of the many race mods currently available, in addition to the nine included with Sou...


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Mods Dawn of War Mod - Ultimate Apocalypse v1.73

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delete any previous versions of the mod before installing 1.73!


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Mods Dawn of War Mod - Extermination v8

All races have been rebalanced. A new system of penetration for all weapons (also abilities) has been implemented. Some bugs from the origin...


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Mods Dawn of War Mod - Dark Angels v2.0

One of the most secretive Space Marine chapters in existence, dedicated to hunting down and eradicating their fallen brethren. Soon, they wi...


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Mods Dawn of War Mod - Chaos Daemons v1.4

The Demons race will be created to bring forth the most viscous of demonic forces unlike Chaos, and their power of 100% daemonic domination...


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Maps Water God (7) 3v1v3

Games.Mapping by: HarsielTexturing by: Harsiel


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Maps PurpleCodeine Mappack

This mappack contain 50 custom maps for all game modes (1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4).Ive not tested all maps but most of them work fine in singleplayer.


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Mods The Last Stand Retribution Update

If you've played LSU during Chaos Rising you already have an idea of what to expect here. Nothing but the best.This is the best Last Stand m...


Banners And Badges Attack of the Meme's! Badges and Banner's Vol. 1

GustaPool's Closedand last (but not least) Forever AloneIf you're not quite sure what they look like, look at the main picture I uploaded (o...


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Mods Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Mod - Ultimate Apocalypse Complete Collection v1.62.51

Do the never before seen and witness the inevitability of massive armies. Dominate your foes with the powers of your own superweapon and Apo...


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Banners And Badges French Army banners

A pack with 3 banners, one for the French Army, one for the French Air Force and one for the French Navy.


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Banners And Badges Aperture Science Badge and Banner

Science.This my first upload, if you want me to do some banners or badges just ask me on that email : [email protected]


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Banners And Badges Apple and Microsoft banners and badges

anyone ever takes pics for me i will be glad to uses the if sent to my email.=email removed to potential spammers/spam bot=


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Maps Sole Ground (2p)

It's really small 1v1 map, to be honest it's nothing more for me but a test map, made to learn the editor and how to make DoW custom map. Wh...


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Mods M!cR0 T4CT!C Mod by Lambo Lambo

units individualistically, instead of having them all in a squad doing one thing? This mod allows you to do just that! Having all squads to...


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Maps Fusion Central

enemy`s hands and they are approaching through the one and only bridge ... Get ready for a blood storm...


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Maps Area-[11]

detail with this map...it not only blew my mind but my soul as well. There are enough different tactical and Strategies that can be taken to...


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Maps Hell Fire

Buildings Enjoy downloading it :)


Banners And Badges Fanpack ( SPRT ) Part. I

Including 10 surprise fan banners and badges and around 20 teamcolor files. Just copy the files into you main game directory.


Banners And Badges Russian oblasts ( all 83 + 3 ) [PACK]

This Package contains, banners & badges for all 83 Russian oblasts and teamcolor files for the imperial guard.


Banners And Badges Austrian federal states / sterreichische Bunderlnder

Including, all 9 federal states of Austria ( 2008 ) and Austria is shelf. 9 banners, 9 badges and 9 teamcolor files.


Banners And Badges Fanpack ( SPRT ) Part. II

Including, 10 random fun - banner, badges pairs and around 20 teamcolor files. To add them into you game, just copy the archived folders int...


Banners And Badges Germany federal states / deutsche Bundeslnder

Including all federal states of Germany ( 2008 ) and Germany itshelf. 17 Badgets, 17 banners an 17 teamcolor files.


Banners And Badges European Union Countries

Here is an interesting set of B&B's for all our European Union fans Including all Union Countries ( 2008 ).


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Maps Flooded City

water-level in the city to rise each yearDesigned for 1 vs 1 , its a large map for that game , Have FUN =)the map is created on 10t...


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Maps Sacred_Forts(6)

player slot. This will work with either Dark Crusade or Soulstorm. To install, extract the files from the zip folder and place the four th...


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Mods Super Space Marines

more enemies than normal. Space marines also start with 3 Squiggoths!


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Maps Vapeurs ensables (Sandy vapors).

and impass are carefully placed, creating good visual effects but not blocking the way. Prepare for a long game of turtling if you are usin...


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Mods Space Marines Sergeants with Helmet

play with has it set up in the same way, and needs to be removed with equal care. Although the readme suggests to install it directly into...


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Mods Unit Cap to 10

shorter, but more powered game. Expect to see more deamons and Avatars in skirmishes.Was inspired my Dawn of War II, but I found it useful o...


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Maps Last Fortress of Tartarus

If you liked it before, it's even better now! This works with all versions of Dawn of War 1, including Dark Crusade and Soulstorm.


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Maps Last Fortress of Tartarus

Players 1 and 2 each have access to 5 strategic points, whereas 3 and 4 only have 4 each, making this a good map for a beginner team vs com...


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Maps Arrakis: Tears of Shai Hulud

can run on top of it and inside it (eww). I also wanted the map to be assymmetric, so I made one side Fremen with rocky natural formations,...


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Maps Asaheim Fenris

Space marine and man shall fight together for control of this snowy world.


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Banners And Badges Relictors Badge and Banner Pack

A simple yet pleaseing Badge and banners pack this is form the Chapter called The Relictor enjoy!


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Skins Tattoo Nobz

different! :D - Mikey


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Campaigns Wrath of the Blood Ravens

Zetrial, and Project WARhammer by Aliblabla. Project WARhammer is also required.Wrath of the Blood Ravens aims to provide a "closer to backg...


Banners And Badges BloodAngel Death Company

them, ok!


Banners And Badges Team Fortress 2 Badges & Banners

"Capture point" instead of "Take & Hold", and most of all, have fun!


Banners And Badges Angry Marines - Temper Maximus

more of a note to the people at filefront than it is to downloaders.Anywys,This is my first badges and banners pack I've ever made, an...


Banners And Badges Angry Marines Banner and Badge Pack

Angrymarines badges posted by myself and others (so far) and I hope you can find the time to get angry and enjoy them. I suppose you can app...


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Mods Dawn of War mod Firestorm over Kronus Map Pack

This is a collection of maps you can use with FoK's 3.5 release. Enjoy!


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Mods Dawn of War mod Firestorm over Kronus v. 3.5

Download FoK 3.5 now! Just drag and drop this to your main DC folder and get into the action!


Banners And Badges Angry Marines Banner and Badge Pack

and one banner taken from the Angry Marines Codex.


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Maps City Island

centray someone have found secret big city in a small island. That island Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Chaos want take land in island. So it...


Mods Dawn of War: Tactical Assault

distinguished itself from other RTS games by eliminating Resource Management. DoW: TA takes this a step further by eliminating bases. Yup th...


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Media Dow Wallpaper

i have been makng sigs for qute a while and decided to make a wallpaper so 1 hour later this is what have ended up with.Its my first dow wa...


Banners And Badges AW DOW Badgepack 1

logos to choose from.


Campaigns The Fall of Cyrene

events that involved a Blood Ravens space marines squad.By the time when the Alpha Legion assault on Cyrene was going on for almost two year...


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Banners And Badges Badge and banner for [-DR-]

nice blood splatter in he middle. This is a pretty decent banner, download if you wish.


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Mods NPC race

Structures: NPC HQ, NPC Barrack, NPC Generator, NPC Armoury, NPC HQ Addon, NPC Vehichel Building, NPC ability,NPC Listpostion Colonel Bro...


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Mods NLMSS 1.1.1 Patch

A very little patch taking a few bugs away. Requires No Limit Mod SS 1.1.1. Just unzip the archive to your Soulstorm-folder to install (you...


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Campaigns DoW2 Wargear List

XsKINsOllieX brings you a small but pretty nifty mod for DoW2. This is simply a mod that unlocks all wargear for the space marines in the SP...


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4 Player Road to Perdition

This is the Road to Perdition brought to you by fizzy.There is no doubt you will meet your enemy as all road's lead to this prodictio...


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Banners And Badges badge and banner installer

This is a large mod for Badges and Banners done by joeplonk which consists of 263 Badges and 292 Banners ranging from Music, to popul...


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Mods Trench of Death (2 Beta)

It's a beta of Trench of Death (2). To play correctly, you and player two must be on the same team and be space marines, if not it will not...


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Others Unknown Heroes, 40k comic

Unknown Heroes - A 40k Comic is I think the first file of its kind to be featured on this site! Congrats! Anyway, this short comic the aut...


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Banners And Badges Random Football B&B

Random Football B&B is a collection of football badges and banners for all you football holligans out there. It includes 8 badges and 8 ban...