Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Dark Crusade

The second expansion to 2004's Game of the Year Dawn of War is set in Game Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe adds two new races, the Tau and Necrons as well as new units for each of the existing ra...

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The City watchman 815KB 80
Assault Renegade Fortress britzrules 3.48MB 70
Instant Epic Battle Mod DDman465 19.63MB 346
The Wall Swanky 1.65MB 238
Dark Crusade Minor Balance Changes mod CornCobMan 2.11MB 114
Free Campaign x1NeMeSiS1x 1.69MB 516
7p_Ores_Tashn Skinnie 2.7MB 300
A New threat Noobulator 507KB 256
Into the Second Breach Slimcartmam 664KB 246
Dark Crusade Minor Balance Changes Mod CornCobMan 2.06MB 89
Naogeddon (6) Slimcartmam 1.48MB 157
Free Campaign x1NeMeSiS1x 1.69MB 358
Instant Epic Battle Mod DDman465 19.02MB 782
Kydno Mod DDman465 7.74MB 1258
Storm of Jungle mr_yu 130B 211
Kydno Mod DDman465 70KB 155
Chaos Assault - Survival Map Maxxta 2.45MB 550
Trapped Caz_the_B 937KB 145
Tau mini mod Argonium 580KB 418
Snow Valley ausMACHINE 188KB 123
Winter_Stick (2) General_Hoss 97KB 78
Storm Hawks B&B radicalrad 15KB 161
Crimson knights radicalrad 5KB 217
crimson fists by radicalrad radicalrad 3KB 164
Snow Valley ausMACHINE 350KB 72
Fire at the Grand Cathedral imon_wielki 721KB 732
Golden Fists radicalrad 4KB 91
Stupid Sizes DC 1.6 CornCobMan 1.19MB 114
Cataclysm Nerdsturm 1.1MB 1030
badgu't's mappack badgut 6.5MB 181
Annihilation Mod Annihilation_Mod_Team 110.22MB 3843
Stupid Sizes CornCobMan 1.19MB 238
Faded Dreams Swanky 4.07MB 409
Fourtresses Alexwars1 4.12MB 370
The Northern Road gregre 755KB 282
Defending Fann City gregre 1.22MB 661
Into the Breaches! gregre 779KB 677
Footy Fever gregre 452KB 132
Fog Striker warforger 740KB 190
Blood Eagles B&B radicalrad 2KB 204
Magma Hawks badge n banner radicalrad 5KB 112
Red Corsairs badge n banner radicalrad 13KB 246
Blood hawks banner n badge radicalrad 2KB 162
Farseer's Badge and Banner The_Farseer 14KB 204
Imperial Titans B&B radicalrad 9KB 248
Sniperic´s Maps Compilation sniperic 8.41MB 422
Warriors of Holy Terra Wolfspriester 46KB 203
Jungle Assault noobymcnoob 666KB 144
The Last Palace GeorgeRox26 5.49MB 1115
Lost At Sea sniperic 1.49MB 273