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Published by sergent_killa 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Ok guys, the Battlefleet Gothic mod is alive! (it seems Gaffer owes me £5!) They have been recruiting and restructuring their team which is good news as it should help things run more smoothly. Now this is one of the mods that has attracted my attention over the years and i hope its released with few kinks in the system! Good Luck Guys! [quote]Hey all, Sorry for the apparent lack of progress, the team recently underwent some changes, and a noticeable increase in commitment means we are now well on track. First of all, we'd like you to welcome two new members of the team: Gorb - our new coder and Hawk_Silk - our new texturer. At last, we can go someone with those two essential members. ---------------- And as well, those of you who visit Relic News forums, mainly "Adeptus Modificatus' would of noticed another mod started by me; Heres the first post to give you a sense of what its about: Frequency: Fox Zulu Imperator 0175 M31.867 Dispatch: The Phalanx Reciever: Holy Terra. +++Initiating Transmission+++ My Lord, The siege has been broken, but at the greatest possible cost. The Imperium is in shatters, and those foul *message lost* have escaped. After this disgraceful *interuptions* attacked, and lost, I vow to fight back. My entire Legion is now on a Crusade. Not a day goes past when I do not think of the sheer pain I shall bring to these *static*. For the Emperor, and by Terra, it shall be done! Its time we fought back. +++Message End+++ That is all, Heretic[/quote] Killa :cool:
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