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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Since Killa's leaving, the site has been without a Site Manager. Today it has been decided that the new Site Manager will be:

Dreadlord12! Congrats on your new position. He is a veteran Site Manager and he will make sure that things get done around here. Map Competition may be seeing a comeback.

Abbadon_the_Despoiler will be the new Assistant Site Manager. Congrats to his new position! He will surely use his powers for the good of the community.

Slash is the next one behind Abbadon. He is now in charge of making sure files and news get posted on time and properly. Call him the "Overseer" if you will.

It is sad to see the old admins go, but with these new guys at the top, they will be sure to raise some good tidings for the community!

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