Dawn of Warhammer 40K: Firestorm over Kronus mod progress

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Published by Sl4sh 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey guys, DoW: FoK mod has some progress to show to us! While nothing new has been released to the public since Beta 3.1 in mid-May, the DoW40K:FoK team has been busy refining the mod, adding and integrating new content, and trying to get the final iteration for Dark Crusade (public release 3.5) out before Christmas. Here's some of the new content you can expect to find in 3.5: - Proper Heavy Weapons Teams deployed for IG Guardsmen Platoons. Medes has made his own models, which can be added to platoons much like sergeants can be added in Vanilla DC. They deploy when stationary, and move when the platoon moves. And you have several flavors to choose from: Heavy Bolters, Autocannons, Mortars, and Missile Launchers. - Heavy Weapons Platoons--three squads of HWTs, featuring all the above, plus Lascannons. - Proper Killa Kanz for Orks, and Proper Deff Dreads. New Nobz have been implemented, as well as Lootaz. This race is a lot tougher to beat than it was before. - Full Black Templar integration, whereas before, the Black Templar race was an add-on you had to download separately. - More flexibility in Space Marine heavy weapons loadouts. Now, a lot of heavy weapons that were previously featured only by Devastators and Veterans (i.e. Multimeltas, Plascannons, and Lascannons) can be carried by tactical squads. - Space Marines also feature a new commander unit: The Chapter Master. - Eldar has a few new units introduced--Autarch and new Banshee models, for example. - Chaos has several new units brought in since 3.1: Mark troops (Plague Marines, Noise Marines, Rubric Marines) and commanders, Chosen CSMs, packs of a certain minor daemon, and more. - Features artwork by none other than the venerable Hangar-8 himself, including badge, banner, and unit artwork. Since the mod attempts to express the latest WH40K Codices, some changes have been made in the races to reflect the changes made in 5th Edition Codex. For example: - strategic points, critical locations, and relics can only be capped by basic troops. Elites, Heavy Support, and Fast Attack Infantry can de-cap all these, but not take them. This is to reflect the new rule that only troop choices can hold ground, while the others are mostly for assault. - Space Marines' ranged and close-combat veterans have been replaced with Sternguard and Vanguard vets. Sternguards are very good elite choices. - Melooo did a good job making IG researches reflect the 5-point restricted troops/special equipment choices IG players get in Table Top. So, you can outfit your army with five of any of the following items: carapace armor, cameleoline equipment, HWTs, Kasrkin, Ogryns, Special Weapons Teams, Chem Inhalers, etc. So, you see, a LOT has been done since May. And the team is making some progress towards new content to be featured in the Soulstorm releases. Proper airborne units (Valkyries, Thunderhawks), Drop Troops doctrine for IG, An inquisitorial race to incorporate the Sisters of Battle, and much, much more. For more updates, you can visit the RelicNews forums thread dedicated to this mod [url=http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=137763]here[/url].
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