DC Mod Tools v1.2 Released!!!!!

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Published by saoreire 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey guys, FYI the long & eagerly awaited DC Mod Tools are [b]NOW AVAILABLE!!!![/b] [quote]DC Mod Tools 1.2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This basically is a repackage of the DOW tools with all of the updates and workarounds. -All 1.20 Lua files are included for balance changes - World Builder will work with DC 1.20 (the old one likely had to be moved to a different location with 1.4x DLLs from DoW) - All required DLL’s (i.e. DXTC.dll) are included in the proper places - Two new tools are included, Package Viewer and a C# Chunky Viewer - AE has a start up dialogue that allows you to load a sub-set of the data files (for faster loading) – you have to be careful to not edit dependencies on data you did not load. E.g. if you didn’t load any weapons then be careful to not edit weapon fields for entities. - Small little fixes to the tools made during the development of Dark Crusade. Required: Dark Crusade 1.20 – this tool set will not work with DoW (WA) or Dark Crusade before version 1.20.[/quote] Are you as excited as I am!? If so [url="http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=144448"][i]CLICK HERE[/i][/url]!!! It will be hosted shortly here on DoWFiles. But for the moment use the link provided on the thread to download it. Regards, saoreire
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