I Bid You Farewell

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Published by sergent_killa 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey guys, I'll apologize now if i drone on but i think i have quite a bit to say. First off, goodbye to Gaffer1991, he's been a good friend and work college this past year and he has been an invaluable member of Saoreires team and my team. I really hoped that he would have stayed on until January but as he said, his school work has hit him hard. Which leads me onto why i'm leaving. My A-Levels started 2 weeks ago and frankly, i can't keep on top of my responsibilities here. So, i think you deserve someone who can. Don't get me wrong, i've enjoyed my 2 years here, its been a blast, both here and on the forums. The creativity, the Maps, the Mods, the community members! (well, not all of them, But you get the idea.) I too wanted to stay on until January 2009 but my A-Levels have bogged me down somewhat and i have Module tests in November, so no time to loose! I just hope that the POTD comments stay clean, that spammers stay at bay and that the site as a whole doesn't sink any deeper after all the effort myself and my team put in to restore DOW Files. I know many of you are going to laugh and cheer (Some NA's too, i'm sure) but those who know how much effort it takes to run a site such as this should respect my decision. I just don't want to be remembered as the slow site admin, i tried my hardest and i think i did a damned good job given the circumstances. I also hope that ideas such as mapping competition are kept in the public's mind and maybe even continued. I'll stick around and do my job until my access is removed and / or they find a suitable replacement! Ok, enough droning on! i wish this community the best of luck and i wish the next site admin the best of luck as well. And to all my staffers keep working hard! Your all brilliant and i hope you do your superiors proud! Cheers and regards, Killa :cool: p.s. first rounds on me! :beer:
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