Last Chancers mod blowout

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For those interested in the Last Chancers Mod, waraelm steps in with a bit of an update on the mod's status. [quote]Hi everyone its me waraelm to tell you about lcs progress and to show you some amazing pictures,so lets get started. The mods been going for about 3 months now more or less and all the models are neally done,most of the textureing is done and the basic codding is done also. The fourms had a lot of improvments mainly making it more member friendly,so now you can beocme a fourm member without the worry about being asked to join the team. even though we always appreicate new team members. besides this we also have been disscusing improving air units in game,for future lc realeses. such as each race gets a fighter,bomber and a transport. but this is in the future. I though i should also discuss the tactics of the 13th penial legion. firstly there not like your normal defensive heavy armoured ig army.but more verstile with light vechails (so no tanks but sentinals, griffions and chemiras). also they rely more on ambush tactices but still have the meat grinder talents of your normal guardsmen. now on to pictures. now this is a pciture of are griffion we do have it textured,but i do not have the pictures.anyway you will agree it looks good. heres the link to are picture gallery whcih has some sweet models.¤t=untitled.jpg this is a pciture of are newest model under develpoment, the last chancers command base. now are best to last i like to cool him frank the grizzly i hoped evryone liked the pictures and the blowout, i hope we see more of you as members on the fourm. thats all for now folks keep an eye out for us on ff. as my famouse friend would say "thats grovey babie"[/quote]
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