Legacy of Mappers Is Back

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Published by sergent_killa 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
News from Jack and the team. Sounds like hes trying to reactivate his old map pack team. But I'm sure he can produce a map pack in his free time! Good luck mate! [quote]I could not just turn my back on the Dawn of War modding community and leave like that. I always knew I would be back someday. This is that day. Me (and ol' Dawn of War modding veteran (I think I count as one)) and OneLeggedHorse (also known as Jono) have come back, and rebooting the Legacy of Mappers. In case you are too new a Dawn of War modding community member to know our old work, here are some links (the last one, in my opinion, is the best): http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/;80663 http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/;81638 http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/;83674 And some links to some of my old stuff: http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/;83083 http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/;78532 http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/;81859 You get the idea, basically, I just did a lot, some stuff more crap than others. Sorry for us leaving here. Yay for us coming back.[/quote] killa :cool:
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