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Published by sergent_killa 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Ok, This was an idea i had going for a while and it has also been suggested to me as well and practically. it makes sense! I would like to hire someone to gather information on DOW 2 and post a report about all the news about DOW 2. I would expect you to have posted a report every week / 2 weeks / month (dependent on the amount of info you can gather.) I thought it would be a better for the community to get informed about DOW 2 as opposed to getting drips and drabs of "New pics!" or "New gas barrel model!" or some random news like that. This way, you would get news in a structured manor and maybe provide links to videos in the process. With information regarding multiplayer / campaign / game play / the 4th race / features yet to be released i think this will help DOW files considerably. So, have you got some media skill that you'd like to put to use? Requirements: -You must be at least 13 years old -You must have broadband/another fast net connection -You must be consistent and accurate in your writing -Past experience is a benefit -You must be willing to comment moderate also -Knowledge of Warhammer 40k is an advantage -You must be an upstanding member of the Community -You must be dedicated and willing to product reports weekly if needed -You must be easy to contact via MSN, aim or skype If you fit the key requirements (and more?) then make your way over to [url=]HERE[/url]. and please, for the love of God, don't waste my time! I want someone who wont vanish or disappear Please post links to any past work in the "Why do you want to volunteer?" Section As with the file posters, the people who i narrow it down to will have their past ban records and past comments looked at. Anything i don't like will automatically count you out. And by "What i don't like" I mean rule breaking, tardiness, etc etc... Mostly though, i want a light hearted individual who knows when to use the banhammer whilst gathering info for the community about DOW 2. Cheers and good luck to all applicants, Sergent Killa
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