Ork Swarm Mod 2.2 for Dark Crusade

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Ok guys news about a new version of the Ork Swarm Mod. [quote] Hey guys, I'm back from Basic Training and I've been heavily thinking on releasing one last version of the Ork Swarm Mod that is finally complete.. The last version I found was great fun however there are a few things that need fixing such as: -Most anti-vehicle weapons (as the mod was designed for mainly fighting orks I kinda overlooked this haha) need to be beefed. -Maybe removing the killa kan and Looted Lemon Russ and replacing them with a relic unit (The big stompa thingo) -Possibly lowering the pawning ability of the Terminator Assault squads who are somewhat in likeless to Mr T and his friend Pain at the moment. -Maybe making it possible to zoom out a little bit more (as some races have larger ranges, it would make it easier for them) -Restoring the SM squads to 9 members instead of 4 -Increasing Price for Across Map Superweapons (just enough to stop a constant bombardment from many a mile away lol) -Possibly using an install file rather than letting ppl unzip it themselves (A lot of ppl seemed to have problems with this.. however I have no idea of what program I would need so if you know one please let me know!) !IMPORTANT! I will not be releasing this for Soul Storm as I have no plans on buying it.. (I'm newly married and therefore broke lol :P). This will be for Dark Crusade and will be made so that finally the swarm will be perfect :D. Now if you have ANY (non-smartass) sugestions please let me know k. Seriously anything you think was to outa whack in the last release haha. Also any input about the mod in general! Link for original: http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/Ork_Swarm_Mod;73540 Cheers guys! Robbie [/quote] ~Gaffer
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