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Published by sergent_killa 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey guys, GCSE's are over (sorta) and i feel i did pretty good in them. That aside, i return to DOWFiles to find an angry mod of sorts at my doorstep with a list of complaints. Obviously i took their complaints in the form of writing then released the hounds and threw them off my lawn. Now people have claimed that DOWFiles has dropped its standards since Saoreire left, that may be true but i beg to differ. Although my activity of late hasn't been 100% i would have expected you all to have treated Gaffer with respect but i have heard stories of flaming in the POTD comments (as per usual) and am considering removing comments altogether, so consider these next few days as a test on the POTD comment system. The rules will be enforced much more harshly over the next few months. This is a crackdown on all spammers and rule breakers! giving the law abiding members a positive environment in which they can flourish! Next. Legion and Tallons have been fired. they have blatantly not done any work and i am furious as a result of that, yep, they're gone. Fire_Legion would have been missed if he had left some time ago, he was an experienced staffer and so on but since his activity dropped to relatively 0% with no excuse, hes long gone. I appreciate the work Shaddow put in when he joined but his activity dropped over the months until he too got the boot. However i must thank Gaffer and Kouen for sticking with DOWFiles this long. THANK YOU GUYS! BEERS ON ME! :beer: Anyway, this means we will have some vacancies coming up and if you think you have what it takes then please listen up because i want [b]dedicated staffers![/b] people who will stick around and won't wander off and leave me hanging with Gaffer and kouen! Also, now i have free time, Mapping Comp 2 will be judged and released but not map comp 3 as i can only find 1 entry... i will contact the owner of the file and ask him what he wants me to do with it. Which means that thos week or next i will announce another map comp which i will give undivided attention to! Well, all that seems fair and just to me, so if you have any concerns post here or PM / E-mail me. Regards, Sergent Killa
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