Second Community Map Project is in final beta testing!

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News from Fuggles about his latest mapping project! Also, a few familiar faces in his list of mappers, its good to see old staffer Jack has stuck with the DOW community! Regardless, i wish Fuggles and his team the best of luck in the beta stages and i hope that he doesn't find any errors that will delay the release date! [quote]Just a quick update to say that the second community map project has just entered the final testing stages! This map is the product of 9 separate mappers from the DoW Community who all took a little section of the map to work on each. It's been in the development since March 2008 and boasts a stunningly diverse range of locations to fight across such as a downed Khornate battle cruiser, Necron tombs, Orky swamp and Imperial graveyard. The mappers are: Jack051093 Kendallv2000 Jono Ira Aduro Bloodthirster90 NeCoHo Nerdsturm Fuggles Jaguar-Lord and not only do we have a beautiful and unique level by some of the leading mapping talent but it also features a network of player controlled stargates which allow you to quickly send your forces around the world, courtesy of our mysterious and devastatingly handsome SCAR coder. This map is for for DC and SS and represents an astounding feat of community teamwork. We're all hugely proud of what's been achieved in this project and so we're just giving it some final polish before we loose it on the world. In the meantime, why not check out the first CMP [url=http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/Community_Map_Final;84847]HERE![/url TTFN, fuggles[/quote] Killa :cool:

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