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Published by Sl4sh 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey guys, Thunder (Relic's community manager) has posted the proposed patch notes for the incoming patch for Soulstorm! It's a long read, but it will leave you satisfied with what will be changed in Soulstorm (hopefully!) [i]Note: I know this will be a hot topic, so please keep in mind with the [URL=]rules[/URL] when posting your comments![/i] [quote]Update with Patch Notes 09/18/08 - (Release notes are not final) Fixes Fixed Sisters of Battle Holy Icon resource bug. Fixed Dark Eldar Observer Soul Powers bug. Fixed Eldar Harlequin's Dance of Death ability that reset the player's resources. The Illusory Monolith will no longer become real if there are Flayed Ones inside. MAJOR Addressed an issue with trainers working in multiplayer games The automatch matching range has been changed. Players will now only match up if they are within 200 points of each other Observers can no longer use Dark Eldar soul powers Harlequin dance of death no longer drains the player's resources The Deceiver's illusionary monolith will now always despawn correctly when the ability duration is complete Fixed Sisters of Battle holy icon resource exploit Dias of Destruction Dark Scythe ability will no longer be fired multiple times in a single use of the ability MINOR Sisters of Battle Mine Fields no longer leave their flame effect if they are destroyed before being fully constructed The Daemon Prince healing in combat modifier will no longer apply repeatedly as the player issues attack orders against enemy heroes Sisters of Battle Thermal Plasma Generator armor type changed to building medium Furious Charge will now properly affect Cultist Aspiring Champions Warp Spiders will now properly prioritize infantry targets over vehicles when automatically attacking Seraphim Veteran Superiors will now benefit from Zealot Charge After Martyr's Gift is researched Celestian Veteran Superiors, Imagifiers, and Seraphim Veteran Superiors will now properly provide a faith bonus on death Dark Reaper Exarchs now benefit from optics upgrades Tau Listening Post Rail Guns now improve the weapons DPS against all target types * The Hellion Squad Succubus's melee weapon will now properly increase in damage when Power Blades is researched * The Tower of Carnage add-on will now give the same resource bonus as the other races listening post add-ons * Torture Amp hotkey changed to M * Righteous Fever on Repentia squads will no longer turn off when the squad "leader" dies Missionary Lay of Hands hotkey changed to Y Battle Sister squads with heavy bolters using an attack move command will now properly attack at their max range of 40 meters smite can now target commander units * Entangle will no longer be unavailable on Guardian squads when a Farseer is attached Tankbusta rockets can no longer attack ground Tactical Missile Launchers can no longer attack ground The Celestian Veteran Superior now benefits from Blessed Armor research Skyray Gunships now have a fire on the move penalty Archon special attacks now do damage at the appropriate time during the animation IG Heavily Fortified Listening post upgrade now properly increases the damage of the listening post The Tortured Slave's thrown death animation no longer repeats The Penitent Engine's Flamers fire on the move penalty has been increased to be in line with other walkers The Daemon Prince now has additional audio lines The Helm of Alpharius Wargear now properly grants detection to the Daemon Prince in campaign The Warbanner wargear will now properly affect the daemon prince Honor Guard Grey Knights no longer take up population cap Honor Guard Possessed Marines and Horrors no longer take up population cap Hellion, Scourge and Warp Beast honor guard units are no longer able to board transports Honor Guard Harlequins no longer use squad cap The Eldar AI will no longer build a Support Portal before the requirements are met The Raven's Short Circuit can now target vehicle high Immortals reassembly radius reduced to 20 Fixed a bug where multiple faith abilities used in quick succession would cause the player to only pay for one of them Targeting Optics now properly increases the sight and weapon range of the Firewarrior squad leader Targeting optics now properly increases the sight range of the Stealth Suit squad leader The Honor Guard Kasrkin Sergeant now affected by Kasarkin Armor research Abilities that disable combat on vehicles will now properly disable special attacks as well The Ork forces in the campaign will now always use the proper color scheme TRIVIAL Hellion Honor Guard jump ability will now properly recharge Tau Commander Marker Drone wargear now properly increase the Tau Commander's damage Space Marine Storm Bolter accuracy on the move penalty reduced to be in line with other units. * Grey Knights now take up only slot in a transport Space Marine research, Wargear: Power Fists can now be researched in the single player campaign * Honor Guard Cultist Squads now benefit from Unholy Sight research Guardian Plasma Grenades will now damage Monster armor types Techpriests now start on stand ground stance Imperial Guard wargear now properly applies bonuses * Honor Guard Heavy Weapons Teams no longer use population cap * Macharian Cross now properly boosts the speed of all Command Squad members * The Hammerhead holographic clone armor type changed to vehicle medium * Honor Guard Broadside Battlesuits no longer use population cap * The Tortured Slave's morale will now properly recover when it reaches its maximum Honor Guard Reaver Jetbikes can now decapture points. Sluggaboyz ranged_attack_range affecting their AI behavior adjusted. Ogryns, Ogryn Bone'eads, Kasrkin Sergeants, the General, all Psykers and Priests now do morale damage. Guardsmen Sergeants morale damage increased. Hellhound's Let It Burn ability now does morale damage. Added death explosions to Imperial Guard vehicles. The Broadside Railgun now has a piercing value against infantry low. Corrected tooltips on the Tau Commander stating that he didn't have a melee attack. The Shas'Vre Fusion Blaster damage against infantry heavy high increased to match the other damage values. Drone Squad unburrowing now does morale damage. Kroot Shaper now has Feral Leap like other Kroot infantry. Fixed a bug with Tau's Iridium Armor wargear not working properly. Tau vehicles now have death explosions. Barracuda's Missile Pods now fire simultaneously. Barracuda's Ion Cannon morale damage increased slightly. Crisis Suit Missile Pods can no longer attack ground. The Krootox now uses their own sound set instead of the Carnivores'. Fixed a bug with Or'es'Ka's Multi-Tracker not working properly. Enabled the Snare Trap's sounds. Fixed an incorrect fire on the move penalty on Haemonculus' Destructor and Splinter Cannons. Soul essence spawned by the Slave Chambers with Torture Pit Add-on can no longer spawn in inaccessible locations. Dark Eldar generators death explosions now have proper morale and damage values. Tahril no longer takes up population cap. Adjusted the min damage value of the Ravager's right side Disintegrator. Archon Tahril now benefits from the Poisoned Blades upgrade. Fixed a bug with the Trophy Rack wargear not affecting Tahril's melee weapons. Psyocculum now increases the range of Veteran Superior's pistols to match the ranges of her squad members' weapons. Adjusted the damage of the twin Penitent Engine melee weapon to match the main melee weapon. Added morale and physical damage to Sisters of Battle generator death explosions. Fixed a bug with the Sisters of Battle Emperor's Blessing wargear that was causing infinite health degeneration. Added a death explosion to the Exorcist. Added hotkeys for the different Field Logistics upgrades and Mechanized Production Efficiency. Enabled the Living Saint's sync kills. Fixed Ecclesiarchal Servitor's get up animation. Fixed Death-Cult Assassin's get up animation. Fixed Missionary's get up animation. Chaos Reduced the maximum heavy weapons capacity of cultists to 2 Chaos Heavy Weapons research now increases Cultist max heavy weapons by 2 Hell Talon damage against vehicles and buildings reduced by 10% Dark Eldar Haemonculus Lab requisition cost increased to 200 requisition/50 power Reaver Jetbike build time increased to 2seconds Hall of Blood cost reduced to 225 requisition Gruesome Display addon now grants a small detection radius to the Slave Chamber Cruicible of Malediction duration reduced to 6 seconds Scourages minimum broken time reduced to 5 seconds Raiders damage against vehicles increased by 10% Eldar Call to War research time reduced to 45 seconds Webway Gates now require the Webway Assembly Ranger damage reduced by 10% Farseer cost reduced to 220 requisition/80 power IG Hellhound fire on the move penalty increased to 0.4 IG Listening Post addon cost increased to 100 requisition/60 power Kasrkin Grenade cooldown increased to 60 seconds Necrons Necron global power upgrade cost reduced to 350 power Necron global power upgrade 2 cost reduced to 550 power Orks Stormboy squad cost increased to 180 requisition Grot infiltration cost increased to 50 requisition/20 power Big Mek teleport cooldown time increased by 10 seconds Nob squad building damage reduced by 10% Trukk buildtime increased by 5 seconds Sisters of Battle Inferno Pistol research cost increased to 50 requisition/30 power Cannoness faith generation rate increased Space Marines Smite cooldown increased by 15 seconds Tau Firewarrior commander damage decreased by 10% Kroot shaper buildtime reduced to 20 seconds Vespid jump starts half charged Barracuda damage decreased by 10% EMP grenade duration time reduced by 5 seconds[/quote] This patch is going to be [i]sweet[/i]! :donut:
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