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Published by dreadlord12 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hello Everyone, I just wanted all members to take a quick look at the newly updated rules. [b]DOWFiles Rules and Regulations[/b] [i]1) Spamming/ Posting off topic posts is the biggest problem and also the most understood. If you feel like posting something completely unrelated to DOW or the File/Picture/News your commenting then just do it on the Forums. Do not spam up the comment blocks with meaningless posts. The Comment Moderators are all patrolling these sections to make sure this problem is kept under control. 2) Flamming/ Insulting is an immediate ban able offense. If you are caught insulting another member extreme action will be taken based on the level to which you where insulting. 3) Profanity is not tolerated. If you feel you MUST use profanity, try to find a friendly alternative. If you cannot post it like this ****. If a moderator catches you cussing they will edit your post, placing in these *'s and report it on the Staff Forum. 4) Sexual, Pornographic, or adult themed references are also prohibited. We try to maintain a friendly environment for all ages. A level of slack will be provided, as we allow freedom of speech, but if it gets out of hands the Administrators/Moderators will intervene. 5) Advertising is not allowed. If you are posting a website in relation to the topic it is acceptable, but if it is completly off topic or doesn't need to be posted within the topic, don't. Any advertisements will be immediately deleted and most likely a comment ban will ensue. 6) Theft of maps or modifications are prohibited. If you claim a mod of your own and DOWFiles find out, you will be immediately banned (Length of ban, and severity of ban determined by level of theft) 7) Abuse of On-Site features are NOT TOLERATED. If you excessibly spam the POTD Que, News Que, File Que, etc. It will result in severe action. Everyone is held to these rules, including staff personnel. If any moderators or administrators catch someone breaking these rules they will be informed and in the appropriate sense punished. Do not let it feel like these rules are going against you, they are protecting all of our members and ensuring a pleasant experience for all![/i] You can find them posted here- http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/info/rules If anyone has any concerns with any rules posted above just let the staff know! Thanks Guys, Dread
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