Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
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3 Player Underhive Shadows

Here we have a very, very nice looking 3 player map in my oppinion. It takes place in what looks to be a necron tomb or cave. This map is fr...


3 Player Ergus 15th Jungle Edition

A nice map here, set in a grassy area with trees, a few hills, some bridges a little bit of wreckage and some slag deposits ;) - Generally,...


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3 Player C'tan Stronghold

A good necron map, for necron lovers, like me. I think I will have some fun defending the critical location now :p - jack051093


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3 Player ChokePoint

Here is a three player map for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, this map is essentially a snow map with two hills and a long corridor in the middl...


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3 Player Demon Tomb

Another interesting map from Fuggles! Where does this guy get his ideas? Theyre almost as good as mine! ;) - jack051093


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3 Player The North City (3p)

So the file name is misleading...the map is a 3 player map, but it says 4 player so yeah... It is another fairly decent map by Imperialmarin...


3 Player Night Holocaust

This map is a night fight map, just like Forest Of Secrets, which I by the way made. (just so that I don't make any confusion) It...


3 Player Jungle Of Secretts

This map is a 3 player map, so those of use who have problems with the map editor in the FoK mod can play it. P1 starts in a mostly...


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3 Player Triangle canyons (3P)

This is my first map for Dark Crusade (may work with SS, I don't know). The idea was to create a map made completely from chokepoints, alth...


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3 Player Night Holocaust(3)

I went back to this file and redone it, I balanced the players yet still made each players situation unique and diffrent to each. [/...


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3 Player Klendathu

Player one starts off on a slightly elevated position with several squads of NPC troops I advise putting both players 2 and 3 to tyr...