Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
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6 Player Canyon Battle

Here is a six player or three vs three player map for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. This is an interesting map where all of the players are sep...


6 Player Arena of Khorne

A 6 player map based around the Mark of Khorne. A single relic will mean a heavy focus of fighting around one area. It's time to get some \...


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6 Player Quarry

A good map, all-in-all, but a bit poor in the object area. - jack051093


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6 Player Caracore

Ahem, this appears to be a slight rework of the Caracoremap. This is a six player map, best suited for 2v2v2 action (which is suppose to mak...


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6 Player Apathy

This was sent in for the mapping comp but I forgot to post it, so I can't remember where I put the authors name so if you want to send me a...


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6 Player Arx Hivernia Back Alley Brawl

A nice big city battle...Is there any better kind? anyway enjoy ~Gaffer


6 Player Hell Beneath

One word to describe this map...WW! That is one of the best maps I have ever seen and I decided to give it a go to...Really such an ama...


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6 Player Lornia

Well, this is a six player map, best suited for a 3v3 assault, at least, what I am getting from the ReadMe. There are no screenshots incl...


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6 Player The Crashed Gunship

Well no screenies so can't really say anything. Guess it's up to some kind person to download and give the verdict. A tip to you Asmaedus, i...


6 Player Act of War (6p)

This is a very well done map when it comes to being clean. All the edges are smooth or flat, giving it a nice crisp look. It has many decals...


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6 Player The Old City

Is it a village? Is it a city? No, it's an OLD city! Yeah, that doesn't make much sense to me either. But this is a city. And it is ol...


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6 Player Bloody River of Hell

It's a 6 player map with a dirty river in the middle, where units can walk through the chest-deep Water and conquer a Strategic Purpose. I t...


6 Player Bleeding Glacier

Dark Crusade map for 6 players, designed for fixed position team play. Basically, the map is a snowy wasteland divided by a blood-filled mo...


6 Player Ghost Town

Authors second map and for a second map it doesn't look all that bad. Bit plain in parts but hey give it a go. Enjoy ~Gaffer


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6 Player Ghost City II

This is my second Ghost City map. It's not a sequel! Just a new map. But now: More space, more fight, more dust and death. 2 oppos...


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6 Player Weather Clash

Yet another first map here! Quite a few this week. Well, sadly no screenshots and i haven't had time to try it but my gut feeling says its a...


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6 Player Vostroyan Firstborn Mod: Rahnkgrad (6)

This is Rhanksgrad. A six player urban map. It was developed for the Vostroyan Firstborn Mod. http://z11.invisionfree.com/The_Firstb...


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6 Player Faded Dreams

Faded Dreams is a relatively small map for 6 players, designed for 2vs2vs2 or free for all, set in a small valley deep within snowy mountain...


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6 Player Naogeddon (6)

Naogeddon is a six player Necron themed map with three critical locations for fun capture and control games. There are light cover around e...


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