Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
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All Files In Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade 8 Player
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8 Player The Basilica of Cruor Sidus (8)

A neat, symmetrical map themed on an "Organised Chaos" force. There's plenty of SPs, relics and slag deposits for a competitive and fast-...


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8 Player XSD

Well, this is the developers first map, and not such a bad one at that. Improvments could be made, but that is always the case with everythi...


8 Player Snowy Islands

ok guys, here we have 4 islands coverd in snow, all linking to a 5th island in the middle, should prove to be a good fight if used right :p...


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8 Player Valley of Subversion

An 8-player map here from Busterwounds. It is of very good quality, and makes great use of decals/textures. I hope to see some more maps o...


8 Player Legendary Hills

A large map with plenty of strategic points and relics. The hilly terrain allows heroic defenses and makes for a great tactical shootout!...


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8 Player Battle of Mordia

Yet another map from honor hand, honestly he must be working VERY hard to churn out this many maps in a month. Nevertheless, he is st...


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8 Player Ashes

A cool 8Player Map for WA/DC here from Notik. It's his first map so please go easy on the feedback. In my opinion it is an excellent first e...


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8 Player DOWn Stairs

An attractive, symmetrical map with some custom-made textures. With plenty of resources around the map, this gives room for some dramatic an...


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8 Player Green Valley

To be honest, im not suprised that this map is as good quality as it is, because Swanky's maps are always good. - jack051093


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8 Player Highway Topaz

Here we got a nice 8 player map set alone a Highway which stretches across the length of the map. Lot's of Strategic points make it an enj...


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8 Player Desert Choke

A gorgeous and simplistic desert map, centering around a central choke for bloody mayhem. Good fun, so enjoy! -Legion


8 Player Hill 86

A pretty good map, expecially for a first map, much better than other people's first attempts. - jack051093


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8 Player Stalemate and Desert Choke V2

Both maps are considerably lacking in decals, but overall, the map is very good. The actual gameplay of the map looks like it could be both...


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8 Player The Bowl

A well detailed, and although it looks basic at a quick glance, a quick venture into this world makes it not the average map (in a good way)...


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8 Player Arx Hibernia

This is a lovely eight player map here, located in a well built city, with a steady river flowing through it, and we've even got what appea...


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8 Player Into The Breach

I'm really liking this map, not for the cityscape, or for the trees, but for the carnage that it represents. A simple glance at the second...


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8 Player The Bowl

An 8 player desert map from Lanf. Unfortunately, 7Zip is having trouble opening the file, so I can tell you no more than that :( If anyon...


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8 Player Seaport September

A really nice map based on a port. Really thought that this map was quite nice looking and finished so :rock: and also enjoy ~Gaffer


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8 Player Over the River

I always think that eight player maps are the best, regardless as to whether you have eight players or not, they provide more of a challenge...


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8 Player Eldorado VIII

A nice 8 player map, Set in a forestry type battle field with two fortress type areas at ether side of the map. Quite nice looking I think s...


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8 Player Strovinivich River

Ok guys I am pleased to announce the first file of hopefully many from the Firstborn Mod. Before you get your hopes up the beta is still a l...


8 Player Scheme (Normal SP)

Algebra homework. God, I hated that. Thankfully this is more like trigonometry, judging by the markings, but blowing up your homework is a d...


8 Player Hill 93

A nice map from Lanf here. Recommend a download! Enjoy ~Gaffer


8 Player Abbarion Desert Ruins (8p)

Well, this looks like a very well made desert themed map for Dark Crusade. And it's an 8 player map too. The basic set up is pretty well ba...