Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Path of the Furreto EL Furreto 4.24MB 2,220
Dawn of Skirmish AI Dawn of Skirmish mod team 765KB 2,855
Ork Swarm Mod Robbie 4.76MB 4,234
Commander Wargear Mod TheClone 2.58MB 20,443
Annihilation Mod Balnazzar 3.22MB 1,022
Annihilation Mod Balnazzar 3.27MB 3,281
Trial and Error Mod LNA-Big_D 5.99MB 2,069
Annihilation Mod Balnazzar 3.44MB 4,779
Tau Codex Weapons Guest 3.16MB 2,813
Dawn of Skirmish DC Dawn of Skirmish mod team 765KB 8,249
Ork Swarm Mod Robbie 5.32MB 5,636
Realism Mod Hellocookie 681KB 3,131
Annihilation Mod Balnazzar 5.11MB 2,802
Annihilation Mod Balnazzar 5.14MB 10,944
Dark Crusade Mod Installer Br Sgt Burns 1.58MB 13,275
Lights of the Warp Patch Magnor 123.41MB 23,805
Lights of the Warp Magnor 3.66MB 11,541
True Meaning of Lag Mod jack051093 668KB 1,740
God Emperor of Mankind Guest 3.04MB 3,736
Cinematic Guard Modification Guest 499KB 1,653
Adeptus Imperia Vendre 2.91MB 1,172
D Legions Mod Guest 3.65MB 2,339
DC Balance Mod Guest 279KB 1,085
Dawn of Skirmish DC Dawn of Skirmish mod team 944KB 3,830
Lights of the Warp Magnor 18.41MB 14,811
Annihilation Mod Balnazzar 29.26MB 35,921
Strategic MOD jack051093 87KB 387
Warskinner (FC & Servitor) Spectre716 1.66MB 533
Randomized Orks Kais14 1.18MB 1,291
Dawn of Skirmish Dawn of Skirmish mod team 654KB 5,304
Fluff Mod Pack 6 Kais14 1.06MB 932
Scourge of Chaos AIX 38.58MB 12,936
Lights of the Warp Magnor 126.62MB 36,258
Command Squads laybob 1.49MB 1,564
LoTW: Apocalypse Magnor 532KB 6,306
Tabletop Round-up mod Zany Reaper 159.61MB 23,934
Khorne's Driving School for the Gifted fuggles 996KB 1,427
Mainmenu Mod kizzycocoa 1.24MB 142
Mainmenu mod 2 kizzycocoa 3.6MB 160
Mobilize for War jonnylove 252.84MB 2,382
Mobilize For War (2.0) jonnylove 393KB 870
Even More Banner and Badge Making Materials ... this the sequal butterrmilk101 12.89MB 1,231
Mobilize for War 2.1 FULL jonnylove 1.35MB 2,577
Combat Complete Beta1 man21 31.48MB 1,097
Armagedon Mod xzezz 953KB 840
Annihilation Mod (DoWDC) Annihilation_Mod_Team 108.28MB 10,731
tau vs Orks (scar mini game) chris939 3.09MB 723
Tyranid Mod 0.45-DC Multiplay Patch Tyranid Mod Team 201KB 4,073
annihilate mod eance 2KB 230
Multi-Factional Unit Caps eance 70KB 226