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Modifications Lights of the Warp

Another installment here from the LoTW team. As always, nice stuff, and enough to keep one occupied: Download! - Ash


Modifications Annihilation Mod

=List of changes= -Overall Changes- Turret limit removed. Builder limit removed. New unit descriptions are all from me Warg...


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Modifications Strategic MOD

Well, due to the lack of a ReadMe, nor Screenshots, I have absolutely no idea what this file is. I'd assume some stats changes or something,...


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Modifications Warskinner (FC & Servitor)

Hope you guys got the file posters that you need! More power to DOWFiles! Thanks for uploading my stuffNot much of a ReadMe...


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Modifications Randomized Orks

This is a small modification, that appears to randomize Orks. This meaning, you build a squad, and you've got yourself a random bunch of Or...


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Modifications Dawn of Skirmish

This revolutionises the AI in Dawn of War for a unique and exciting experience. It's a little CPU intensive, but totally worth it for anoth...


Modifications Fluff Mod Pack 6

Adds a hull-mounted heavy bolter to the Hellhound, a la the Basilisk. Makes these tanks excellent against infantry. Useful and fun. -Legi...


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Modifications Scourge of Chaos

An absolutely awesome mod which revolutionises your DoW. Adds new units, addons, research, abilities, game mechanics, and tactics. This give...


Modifications Lights of the Warp

its here! lotw 1.5.1, download now!!! (blame the lateness on the government!) killa :cool:


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Modifications Command Squads

Here is the Third version of Laybob's Command Squads Mod. (someone's been busy :p) He has included screens of his new squads, and all the i...


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Modifications LoTW: Apocalypse

The first public beta of the new Lights of the Warp: Apocalypse mod. The lighs of the Warp mod seem to be one of the only mods making good p...


Modifications Tabletop Round-up mod

This is the latest edition of the Table Top Roundup Modification. This changes stats, a few unit types and from what I see, adds some nice n...


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Modifications Khorne's Driving School for the Gifted

An oddball and truly wonderful mod which places you in direct control of a Chaos Rhino. By direct I mean you actually steer it around yourse...


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Modifications Mainmenu Mod

Heres an interesting mod that changes the skin of the HUD on your main menu. Admittedly the quality could have been a little better, but an...


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Modifications Mainmenu mod 2

Again same as the last mainmenu mod by Kizzycocoa, just some new ones Enjoy ~Gaffer *P.S sorry for gething your name wrong at first*:th...


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Modifications Mobilize for War

Here we have the next instalment of the great DoW mod that is Mobilized for War! Firstly my appoligues to the mod team for taking awhile to...


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Modifications Mobilize For War (2.0)

An update for the Mobilized for War mod. So if you haven't already download this mod now! It's fun Here's a link to the original http:...


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Modifications Even More Banner and Badge Making Materials ... this the sequal

Some more nicely done badges and banners that are once again very easy to edit to give it your own flare! Enjoy ~Gaffer


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Modifications Mobilize for War 2.1 FULL

This is the latest version of jonnylove's mod "MOBILIZE FOR WAR". It is a complete installer and can both update the 2.0 mod to 2.1 and t...


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Modifications Combat Complete Beta1

This is a beta of my combat complete mod, it just adds many new units to all races. It is also designed to be compatible with new race mods...


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Modifications Armagedon Mod

I'm not to sure what the mod does as the Read me was brief to say the least. So give it ago and let the people know whats its like through...


Modifications Annihilation Mod (DoWDC)

I'm very happy to be the one uploading this great mod. One of the best mods I have played. Really recommend a download of this one So with...


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Modifications tau vs Orks (scar mini game)

Well a nice little mod map here. Doesn't look bad and sounds alright to so give it a go ~Gaffer


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Modifications Tyranid Mod 0.45-DC Multiplay Patch

This patch fixes the "Incompatible Game Active" error and also fixes up the issue mentioned in the Readme about the Broodlord in the...