Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

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Packs Tau Banners

A very nice set of Tau Banners for Dark Crusade. And I must say, I quite like these (even though I don't yet have Dark Crusade) but still,...


Packs Arelez's B&B

Nice to be back and adding files after a little problem :) ok, here we have a nice badge and banner pack from Arelez. It is his first B&B pa...


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Packs Battle of Delenter Badges & Banners

Well, this is a Banner & Badges pack for Space Marines & Necrons, for the Battle of Delenter map. Look pretty nice, and even have a story be...


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Packs Generic Guard Badges

A few more badges here... There are screenshots, however they're not in the format requested, and it isn't our job to change them, thus yo...


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Packs Russian Badge and Banner

A good quality badge and banner here, especially for a first go. Its a shield in the colours of the Russian flag.


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Packs C&C3 Badges and Banners

Some good quality badges and banners here, great for C&C3 fans. Also comes with some colour schemes, to give your armies that extra touch!


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Packs New Colors for Army Painter

Now includes the default file! So you can go back to how you had it if you wanted to.


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Packs Sonic and Knuckles

A good quality badge and banner, containing two well-known characters. I'm definitely downloading this one. - jack051093


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Packs Almighty Badge and Banners Pack

Here is a pack containing several Badge and Banners for Dawn of War. There are banners including Azure Legion, National Flags, Bikes, Cars,...


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Packs Football Club Logos

Here is a badge and banner pack for either Dawn of War or Dawn of War : Dark Crusade including various badges and banners from Various Footb...


Packs Horus Heresy - Badges and Banners Pack

Here is a Banner and Badge pack based in the 40k universe based on a variety of armies. Both the banners and badges show pictures of some of...


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Packs Might of The Imperium Badges

Here is a badge pack including logos for PDF, Stormtroopers and Space Marines. Although interestingly the space marine logos have what appea...


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Packs Visba's Badges and Banners VIII

Here is a badge and banner pack for Dawn of War : Dark Crusade. This is the eight pack by VisbaTacoMaster, there are logos for V for Vendett...


Packs Star Corps Badges and Banners

Here are a selection of banners and badges for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, these include seven banners and five badges all based off the Warh...


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Packs Transformers Badge and Banners Pack

Here is a badge and banners pack for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade containing three banners and one badge based off the new Transformers movie....


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Packs Random Pack

Some.. er.. interesting badges and banners here, I will leave it for you guys to decide whether it is good or not. - jack051093


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Packs Seeds of Heresy Badges and Banners

Some good badges and banners. Download them now! - jack051093


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Packs Diehard Badge and Banner pack

Heres a small little Badge and banners pack with pictures from Diehard. ~Gaffer


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Packs Heartless Badge and Banner Pack

Here's a decant go at a badge and banner pack. For his first one it's not to bad so enjoy and be nice! ~Gaffer


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Packs Third Time Lucky - Booster Pack #1

Some badges and banner to go in conjunction to the Thi...


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Packs Nobody Badge and Banner Pack

The Authors second badge and banner pack. Fairly nice and I believe in his last pack someone requested this pack, so at least he listens to...


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Packs Angry Marines

Something different here boys and girls. Some Badges & Banners for some very Angry Troops. You've got some for your Space Marines (soon to b...


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Packs Arx Hibernia

Here's some badges and banners for the Imperial guard of the gaelica system (Arx Hibernia) Can be used with DOW, WA, DC.


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Packs Skull banner and badge pack

A nice little pack here with a nicely done skull. It has a banner and a badge in so. Enjoy ~Gaffer


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