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Skins Alternat Tau Skin + Camo

This is my second skin. It is basicly the same as my first but with camo. I think that it is good and i hope you like it. Allthou i c...


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Skins Necron Building Skins

This is a file that 'Does Exactly what it says on the Tin' so to speak. In short, it gives the Necron Structures more colours (other than...


Skins DC Painter

As it states below, this allows the user / player to view all the units when in the army painter. A basic yet good modification, something R...


Skins Teamcolourable Necron Buildings

Ever wanted your Necron buildings to be teamcolourable? Thanks to Havoc now you can! Go get it Necron lovers! -Slash


Skins Alternate Tau Commander Skin

Here is a cool alternative tau commander skin from havoc. Changes: Swiched Trim with Primary + Some alterations and additions to...


Skins Teamcolorable Flash Gitz

This skin basically makes the Ork FlashGit teamcolorable, this file goes great with Havoc's teamcolorable [url="http://dawnofwar.filefront...


Skins T'au Human Auxiliaries Skin

Well, pretty cool file here. Its an Imperial Guard Skin that makes the IG appear to be Tau Human Auxiliaries, so its like they're a Tau-alli...


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Skins Spectre716 Modification Skin

A fairly nice modification here that changes the skin layout of the Space Marines. No doubt people will have fun messing around with this ;)...


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Skins War Skinner!

Adds some skins to the Space Marines and Force Commander. Great for SM players (:eek:) and keen skinners. This should work for DC, and in th...


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Skins War Skinner!

Adds some skins to the Space Marines. This second issue is in sync with the first, and looks really cool. Great for SM players (:eek: ) and...


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Skins Will of the Emperor Skins

Another set of skins here, again by Lt. Apollo. In short, they're for the Kasrkin Squad, and you've got four different sets to choose from...


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Skins The Red Corsairs

First of all first post in a bit as I've had interweb troubles anyway...A nice Chaos skin based on some new chapter on the GW website! So E...


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Skins Warp Ravens

A nice looking Space Marine skin, So enjoy. Oh and it's a .rar if that matters to people! ~Gaffer


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Skins Black Captain

Killa is having a go at me for not posting files :p so here is a fairly good skin here from a regular developer, Lt_Apollo. - jack051093


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Skins ODST Skin

The developer has transformed the Kasrkin into the "Orbital Drop Shock Troopers" which most Halo players will apparently know. This also c...


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Skins Guard Schemes

This small yet nice file is a set of three Guard Schemes. As stated in the ReadMe:They are based on the two original Rifle Corps of t...


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Skins Halo Skin

This somewhat small file is a skin set, based on the Halo Marine from the Halo game. A nice touch I think, though I doubt a Halo Logo and Ba...


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Skins Sons of Malice

Sons Of Malice v1.0 Skinpack includes: Sons of Malice" Chaos Space Marines retexture.


Skins Zhou Kai Servitor

And the third file of the day is a Servitor reskin, which - and I mean this in the nicest possible way - actually looks a little more cartoo...


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Skins Salamander Skin

A nicely done Space Marine skin of the Salamanders Chapter. Enjoy ~Gaffer


Skins Defiler Bloody Skin

A nice skin that gives your defiler some blood and rust on his armor!# Enjoy ~Gaffer


Skins Ira Aduro Avatar

If memory serves correctly, I remember initially thinking that the Avatar of Khaine was too much fire, not enough armor. Fire golems by defi...


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Skins Devil Dogs Army Scheme

A very nice skin for Chaos. I actually really like this and look forward to some more of the authors work Enjoy ~Gaffer


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Skins Salamanders Skin

Update from Littledinsy. New version of the Salamanders Skin. Looks pretty good, I'd recommend a download. Talon


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