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Textures Tau Camo

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I think these rock ;) - SSA


Textures DC Nightbringer Teamcolorable

If you'd like your Nightbringer in Dark Crusade teamcolourable, here is the file for you! This skin will change the base tone to his bod...


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Textures Tau Badges

This file, by Adonis enables Badges on your Tau units, or at least most of them (you can see which ones are in the list via the ReadMe). Qui...


Textures Apothecary Specific colors

Another wonderful file here by Adonis, and quite a nice one at that. In basic, this changes the Apothecary's "white" to the team-colour o...


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Textures Flesh Tearers Skin

This is a nice Flesh Tearers skin by Blabsy. Please note: skin changes back pack and helm to secondary, based on Hangar-8's skin. Fold...


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Textures Textures and decals for maps

These are some VERY nice textures and decals for mapmaking by Wraithcat (Wildcat). I recommend a download for any of you keen map makers. Yo...


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Textures Tolga's Texture Details

Here, we've got a few textures to use when creating maps. Looks pretty nice, though in all fairness, I've no idea how they work :lol: -...


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Textures Tolga's Detail Textures 2

Some good textures here, in another pack of detail textures for making maps. Have fun using these 62 textures.


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Textures Warp Ravens Textures Pack

Heres an alternative Skin package for Space Marines, made for use with the 'Warp Ravens' (player made chapter) colour scheme. An intere...


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Textures Custom Decals for Arx Hibernia Back Alley Brawl

This is a fix for the Map Arx Hibernia Back Alley Brawl. Apparently there are some missing textures.


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Textures Guerilla Legion Skin+Uber Painter and steel legion merging document

This file contains a skin For Steel legion and a text document that tells you how to merge uber painter and steel legion ~Gaffer


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Textures Dark Crusade Alternate Desktop Icon

Just an icon for DC nothing more nothing less :) just check out the read me and screenies for more info. Its what the au...