1st Imperial Elite - The Crossing

Well, my first map. Its a beta and its like a campaign map. Designed for 3 v 5 fixed positions and 1-3 as IG, 4 as IG, 5 and 6 as chaos and...


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Well, my first map. Its a beta and its like a campaign map. Designed for 3 v 5 fixed positions and 1-3 as IG, 4 as IG, 5 and 6 as chaos and 7-8 as Orks.

You have control of 3 Volcano Cannons and there's plenty of cover around the map. The Backdoor to the enemy base can be penetrated by infantry but its also heavily guarded. The Second entrance(the blown bridge) is for teleport/ jump troops. The Main Entrance(with the sealed door) is for tanks.

Each entrance is defended in different ways(though the main entrance is easily penetrable when enemy troops choose the back door)

You also have little island for your snipers. It is, however, prone to jump troop retaliation.

Your main entrance(opposite of the enemy's) has a bunker with heavy cover. It's the best place to mass your troops but also the worst place(remember Alien Resurrection when the Alien gets in the drop pod with the escaping unarmed marines?)

Please leave CONSTRUCTIVE comments(don't give one about the minimap because I don't plan to make one)

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Download '1st_imperial_elite_the_crossing.rar' (1.04MB)

My First Map.. The Crossing. Sorry if I named my map on another existing one. I just can't think up of names at this time.

Okay.. You this is like a campaign map(in skirmish) which I suggest you don't play on again if you played on it before.
It's a 512x512 map. It won't have any custom decals, however, it does have one of Hangar-8's custom skies(from his custom skies mod/skin)

You won't see any pinkys here - but if you do, place a comment. If the sky does turn pink, however, DL Hangar's custom skies mod(400+ kb I think at his website)


	Your Imperial Guard regiment has just been deployed to a world which was un-scarred by war.. until now. These few months, Chaos has allied with the Orks and have taken
the Eastern part of the outpost. You are outnumbered. You have 3 companies(3 players) of IG while the enemy has 5 players. Don't worry. It's gonna be hard for both of you to get
armour across(if you're a noob). You start off inside a Tau Compound with your commander talking to the Tau Ethereal(please bear in mind that I used campaign units here to save squad/support cap)

	You as player 1 has the control of the 3 Volcano Cannons positioned around the map. You have 4 Vindicares(positioned away from each other 'coz they have their own objectives too!)
You have MORE military units. Players 2 and 3 have been reinforced with a Baneblade and 8 Leman Russes(for each player). I was tired of the IG having a we're always gonna lose map. So, this time,
you have been reinforced with more troops. You as player one has control over Space Marines, Tau and IG. You must rally all your troops and destroy every speck of resistance.

	You might have trouble using the pipeline(as it gets clogged most of the time). THIS IS ONLY A BETA! so this won't be very.. balanced.

	In the event that you don't want a map with GREEN minimap, you may:

		A. Create your own minimap.	B. Not download this map.	C. Play it anyway.

	So as my first map, it won't be as detailed as the other maps here in filefront. This is for DC and SS. NO COMPLAINING OF THE MINIMAP AS I DON'T HAVE THE TIME

	If you want to use this map in anyway, you may just add me in the credits. But by the Emperor! Don't say you made it or I'm gonna complain to the Commissar!


	Put it in your .."DXP2/Data/Scenario/mp" folder in DC or SS(if it doesn't exist, simply create.


Me - I created it.

Hangar-8 - the skybox. BTW, if hangar-8's reading this, how about letting me join your site already? I can't seem to register. Awesome skins BTW. Can you make a C2C Golden Eagles for the codex tac marines?

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