Abundant Valley



A fairly nice four player map, and being this persons 1st ever map, I am quite impressed :) Worth a download I'd say ;)




Hi all. This is my first map creation on any game so please be nice. I hope you like it.

Isolated in an almost impassable mountain range lies an oasis of great importance to any inhabitant. 
The deep blue pools house enough fresh water and food to sustain a sizable town. 
Conflict over this land is fierce and bloody. 
The victor always wary of the next potential threat. 

Extract the folder to the regular place 

- C:/program files/THQ/Dawn of war/w40k/data/scenarios/MP


- C:/program files/THQ/Dark Crusade/w40k/data/scenarios/MP  (only if you have Dark Crusade!)

It is called Abundant Valley and it is a 4 player map.

You can play it as either FFA, 2v2, or Take and Hold. 

I have purposely put players 1 and 2 opposite each other so you can play it as a 2 player map 
or to allow 2v2 more flexibility. 

I.E. You may want your team mate in pos 3 for an easier game or pos 2 for a harder one. 

I haven't used any custom decals but I do have community map packs 1-3 so you may need those to
avoid getting pink question marks.

Feel free to change the map for distribution if you like but credit where credit is due please 
and it would be nice of you to let me know via the email address below. 

You are forbidden to make money on this map.

Big thanks to Karrandras81 for testing.

Any questions, please mail fidens1 at diino dot com and put the map name as the subject.

Thanks and have fun.

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