Acade Mystate Canal

A bloody lovely map we've got ourselves here, and a wide placed one too. Those that download maps on a regular basis would be fools not to...


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A bloody lovely map we've got ourselves here, and a wide placed one too. Those that download maps on a regular basis would be fools not to downlaod this one. Wide spread, and battleground layout makes this a nice map to game upon. - Download ;)

- Ash

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Readme:          :D
Creator: Busterwounds or Flyingmadpanda
Format: Dark Crusade Map
Players: 6 players
Name: Academy State Canal (6)

Description:  The overall idea for this map isn't new per se rather a regeneration of one of my older and worse maps. The original map was 'Ergus saltplains' which came under a lot of criticism for being as detailed as excrement, a criticism which i now accept after a bit more mapping experience.
The urge to regenarate one of my old maps came from Nonereally's wonderful regeneration of an older map idea i had kicking around. So as always i was thinking of an idea to create a map with and this popped up and so i DLoaded the new DC mod tools immediatley and set to work.
This is the result, a 6 player map with much the same layout of my previous map but with a lot more detail. the general idea is that workers who were digging the canals in the middle of the map went mad and surrendered to the power of chaos. The imperial base where they were based when still sane is under constant bombardment from chaos and your place in this war is to take either the chaos or imperial base for the good of your chosen race.

Installation and use: 
This map and it's .tga files will be downloaded to your chosen destination as a zipped file. It will contain four files to do with the map, some screenshots and a readme, what you have to do is unzip the file and find the place in 'my computer' that you installed DC to. i.e. (C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade) when you open up this DC folder look for the (DXP2) file then click on data, create a folder named 'Scenarios' then a folder in this named MP. Drag the four map files from your unzipped download folder into this folder (MP).

Legal stuff: 
Right here's the stuff as simply as possible:
# You may not sell this map for profit (you wouldn't be able too anyway... lol)
#  You can revive this map and re-detail/edit it but i would prefer if you contacted me beforehand at elioty at hotmail dot co dot uk

Oh and also beforew you criticise im sorry about the minimap and Loading pic of the map, they're broken somehow


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