Almighty Badge and Banners Pack



Here is a pack containing several Badge and Banners for Dawn of War. There are banners including Azure Legion, National Flags, Bikes, Cars, The Hulk, Iceman, Nasa, Military based ones and much much more are included in this pack. Highly recommended for those that want to see lots more Badges and Banners in game.



Almighty Badge and Banner Pack 1 by Iceman5549

This a  bunch of badge3s and banners OTHER PEOPLE have made. I have just simply
put em all in a 4mb folder so no one has to go through all of the trouble through downloading em all 
one by one. 

Open the folder(s) and drag the badge/banners to C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/Badges (or/and) Banners


All credit goes to those who made these banners/badges and all their readmes are included.

Contact me at demolisher93[at]aol.com if you need something.

Stuff Included (creator in parenthesis)
Azure Legion (Deathcaster)
Badge Pack 1,2,&3 (niall_gaffer1)
Battle VM Pack (NeoMarz1)

and many more.......(total of 26 Folders)

Distrubuted by Iceman5549

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