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This is a new version of the Annihilation mod, which adds some new changes. For those whom do not know of this mod, this mod includes TheCl...


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This is a new version of the Annihilation mod, which adds some new changes. For those whom do not know of this mod, this mod includes TheClone's wargear mod, which allows army leaders to purchase the wargear upgrades from the campaign in skirmish!

Check out the readme for more in-depth detail.


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Download '' (3.44MB)

Annihilation Mod v1.2

Mod is for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade ONLY!


I have included TheClone's wargear mod, and a bit edited it so that researches contain description.

For those who don't know. TheClone's wargear mod allows you to gear up primary commander for each race. Like in campaign, but this mod makes wargear available in skirmish. 

By TheClone
Quote:If you want to include this mod in your,DO IT, im glad that its being used:Quote

Researches can be found in:

SM - Armory
Chaos - Armory
Eldar - Webway Assembly
Orks - Da Mek Shop
IG - Infantry Command
Necrons - Summoning Core
Tau - Barracks\Path to Enlightement

-Install instructions-

Extract to your [dark crusade path]

To uninstall just delete the Annihilation_Mod folder and AAAAAAAA.module, Annihilation.module, WXPMod_DCMod.dll files.

-Using Instructions-

Start Dark Crusade.
Go in Game Manager and select Annihilation.
Play and Enjoy.

=List of changes=

-Overall Changes-

Turret limit removed.
Builder limit removed.
New unit descriptions are all from me :)
Wargear mod descriptions are from campaign and a bit from me.
Changed available deploy slots on buildings capable of teleporting,summoning units.
Super unit healths and damages have been improved.Some have more, some have less(balancing issues).
Quick-Start resources for each race (except Necrons) have been changed to 10000 req, 5000 pow.
Army Painter now shows-off all units for all races.
Squad and Support caps have been increased. Ork Pop also have been increased.


Predator limit changed to 4.
Bloodthirster and Daemon Prince health and damage improved dramatically.
Bloodthirster does not loose his health when not in combat.
Bloodthirster now does not require Chaos Projectiles research.
Obliterator and Possessed Marine limit changed to 4.
Chaos Marines are upgradeable with Missile Launchers, and weapon limit is 6.
Sorcerer damage improved.
Obliterators are now 9 by squad.
Khorne Berserkers limited to 4.
Khorne Berserker damage improved.
Sorcerer health improved.
Chaos Lord can now be trained even when Daemon Prince is alive, limit has not been touched.
Daemon Prince now has Symbol of Chaos ability.
Defiler health increased.


Warp Spider limit changed to 4.
Fire Prism limit changed to 4.
Harlequins are now in squads by 3, squad limit is 2.
Avatar damage and health improved dramatically.
Farseer health increased.

-Imperial Guard-	

...New Unit...
Colonel Brom now can be recruited in Command Squad.Has Rally ability and edited Battlecry ability(does not require research and is not so powerful as FC' one).
Ogryn and Kasrkin limit changed to 4.
Ogryn and Kasrkin are now 9 by squad(including sarges).
Kasrkin upgradeable with 5 instead of 4 weapons.
Kasrkin are available when Battle Command is built, but their researches are available only when Regimental Command is built.
Leman Russ limit changed to 4.
Basilisk limit changed to 5.
Baneblade health buffed up dramatically.
Baneblade limit changed to 2.
All leader limits changed to 4.
All command squad leader health and damage buffed up.
Assassins are now in a squad by 5, squad limit is 1.(making a bit stronger IG)
Removed Command Squad's Psyker's ability Strip Soul(if it would remain Colonel Brom's Battlecry ability wouldn't have a space to fit in)
Decreased Support Cap usage for all vehicles (except Chimera).
Hellhound's health improved a bit.
Undeployed Heavy Weapons Team now carries Hellgun instead of a Lasgun.
Heavy Weapons Team health improved.
Baneblade can now transport units. Has 2 available slots.
Chimera now has 4 instead of 3 slots.


Removed morale from all Necron infantry.
Monolith limit changed to 2, health buffed up.
Lord Destroyer limit changed to 4.
Lord Destroyer health buffed up sightly.
Summoning Core and Greater Summoning Core can now produce units.
Energy Core generates Power resource, but at a higher rate than standart power generator.
Necron Lord now equippable with 4 artifacts.
Wraiths are now in squad by 5.
Pariah limit changed to 4.
Mass Resurrection ability now recharges faster.
Nightbringer damage improved.
Monoliths can now teleport at a little more distance.
Monolith teleporting recharges faster.
Wraiths are now second Necron unit which can capture Strategic Points.
Pariahs are now able to summon.
Lightning Field and Solar Pulse abilities have little more casting range.


Armored Nobz limit changed to 2.
Flash Gitz limit changed to 4.
Nobz limit changed to 4.
Big Mek health buffed up a bit.
Squiggoth health improved dramatically.
Looted Tank limit changed to 4.
Burna Bomb ability added to Big Mek.
Big Mek now can teleport 2 times instead of 1, and at a little more distance (makes him perfect for Hit'n'Run with Burna Bomb).
Burna Bomb ability now has bigger casting range.
Shoota Boyz can now upgrade with Big Shootas, Burnas and Rokkit Launchas (like in 1st Dawn of War). Weapon limit 6.
Big Mek now has Mega Blasta all time, because research does not affect him (i think that it is Wargear mod issue, no offence).

-Space Marines-

...New Unit...
Inquisitor Toth can be recruited from Sacred Artifact building.Can direct Orbital Bombardement,and use all of Librarians abilities.Wields Daemon Hammer stronger than FC's one.
Terminator and Assault Terminator squad limits changed to 3, and both are 9 by squad.
Terminator squads are now upgradeable with 5 instead of 2 weapons.
Land Raider limit changed to 2, health buffed up.
Hellfire Dreadnought now carries Twin Lascannon instead of an Assault Cannon(more effective against vehicles and buildings).
Chaplain attachable.
Grey Knight limit changed to 4.
Predator limit changed to 4.
Librarian damage improved.
Librarian now does not change his staff to Power Sword, after research has been made.
Whirlwind limit changed to 5.
Whirlwind Missile Battery reload time decreased(now it has its real name).
Tactical Squads now upgradeable with 6 weapons.
Orbital Bombardment is now way stronger and recharges faster.
New weapon for Terminator Squads - Twin-Linked Lascannon (when squad walks uses Heavy Flamer model, when attacks Assault Cannon model, but effect of Lascannon remains).


Commander and Ethereal health buffed up.
Ethereal damage improved.
Hammerhead Gunship health buffed up.
Hammerhead Gunship limit changed to 4.
Greater Knarloc limit changed to 2, health buffed up a bit.
Crisis Suit limit changed to 4.
Crisis Suits are now in squads by 3 with 3 upgradeable weapons.
Stealth Teams are now 5 by squad(including sarge).
Vespid Stingwings limit changed to 2.
Kroot Hound limit changed to 4.
Kroot Shaper limit changed to 4.
Broadside are now 4 by squad.
Kauyon and Mont'ka Command posts now do not conflict with each other.
Krootox limited to 4.

(Please excuse me if i have missed some changes, just can't remember them all.)

-Known issues-

Twin-Linked Lascannon for Terminators, does not have Terminator arm mounted-like model (maybe someone can help me to fix this issue).


Making time:
Making tools: Gniarf's AEP 1.02 RGD Editor, Spooky's Relic Archive Tool, RGD Edit(Great tools).

You can include this in your mod.Just don't say that you made it.
But you CAN'T sell it illegaly.
Only asking me and giving me 70% of cash(just joking:))

(I'm sorry if i'm missed some letters in words, i need a new keyboard.)


Relic Entertainment
All editing tool creators
TheClone(for wargear mod)
All those who support me


balnazzar(AT)inbox(DOT)lv (please dont send spam,stupid,useless emails and other that like stuff)

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